Jagmeet Singh Spreads Misinformation About The Freedom Convoy

On issue after issue, Singh panders to ignorance and attempts to deceive Canadians. His remarks about the Freedom Convoy are no different.

When discussing inflation – particularly rising food prices – NDP leader Jagmeet Singh chooses to spread misinformation rather than speaking the truth.

Singh has sought to distract from his own support of inflationary Liberal policies by blaming grocery stores and CEOs for rising prices.

Singh is glad to try and whip up Canadians and direct anger towards those who aren’t actually responsible for inflation.

The NDP leader clearly doesn’t care about the truth, he only cares about trying to deflect anger away from his own party.

And now, Singh is spreading more misinformation.

This time, it’s about the Freedom Convoy.

In recent remarks, Singh claimed the Freedom Convoy was seeking to overthrow the government in a “fascist way”, and said security officials were “colluding” with the convoy.

“Jagmeet Singh continues to lie about the convoy. Here he is claiming the protesters sought a “fascist” takeover of the Canadian government. (The memorandum of understanding he alludes to was debunked and denounced before trucks even got to Ottawa).”

Singh’s claim is false.

First of all, the ‘memorandum’ – which was a terribly written and incoherent document – still called on the Governor General and Parliamentarians to agree to a new government.

Again, it was completely untenable and demonstrated a lack of understanding of how the system works, but it was not equivalent to an armed overthrow of the state.

Further, that memorandum was denounced and withdrawn before the convoy even arrived in Ottawa.

Organizers made it very clear that the memorandum was not a part of the convoy.

So, for Singh to say the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa with the intention to overthrow the government is misinformation.

It’s not the first time Singh has spread misinformation about the convoy:


Singh’s dishonesty and pandering to ignorance is fueling the growing political divide in our nation, and he must be called out for demonizing the many Canadians who value freedom and supported the Convoy.

To find our way to a better future for Canada, we need to base our arguments on the truth, not the kind of misinformation Singh is spreading.

Spencer Fernando

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