Liberal Government Imposes Carbon Tax On New Brunswick

Conservative MP Jake Stewart slammed “Trudeau’s know-it-all government in Ottawa” following the move.

The Liberal government has imposed the federal carbon tax on New Brunswick.

The move comes at a time when people in Atlantic Canada – and Canadians across the nation – are struggling amid the surging cost-of-living.

In a statement, Conservative MP Jake Stewart – the Shadow Minister for Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency – slammed the Liberals for imposing their “know it all” agenda on New Brunswick:

“Jake Stewart, Conservative Shadow Minister for Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, released the following statement on New Brunswick being forced to adopt Justin Trudeau’s expensive carbon tax: 

“After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, Atlantic Canadians are hurting more than ever before. Liberals are out of touch, and Canadians are out of money. Justin Trudeau’s inflationary taxes have driven up the cost of living, and people can’t afford to buy groceries or pay their rent. Inflation is the highest it’s been in generations, 40% of Atlantic Canadians experience energy poverty, and Trudeau’s response is to make life even more expensive for everyone.

“Once again, Justin Trudeau has imposed his Ottawa knows best approach, allowing ‘no room for negotiation’ and imposed his carbon tax on the hard-working people of New Brunswick. With Justin Trudeau, it’s always his way or else. Now, he has told the people of New Brunswick they will have to face surging costs on gasoline and heating thanks to his unnecessary and painful tax.

“All Atlantic provinces, including the Liberal government in Newfoundland & Labrador, put forward their own plans when faced with Trudeau’s painful carbon tax. They have been rejected by Trudeau’s know-it-all government in Ottawa. They know the carbon tax is not an environment plan, but a costly tax plan that is especially damaging to families in Atlantic Canada.

“Canadians are hurting, but Trudeau refuses to listen. Conservatives will keep the heat on, and take the tax off.””

Liberal government determined to make inflation worse

The Liberals keep saying they want to bring down inflation.

But all their policies go in the opposite direction.

The Liberals push for higher and higher spending, more debt, higher taxes, and restrictions on energy production.

The imposition of the carbon tax on New Brunswick will only add to the burden on people in that province, and shows the Liberals are determined to take more and more money away from Canadians at a time when people are desperately struggling to make ends meet.

Spencer Fernando


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