Stand On Guard For Xi: Communist China Interfered To Help Trudeau Win 2021 Election

Globe & Mail report on CSIS documents reveals Communist China wanted Trudeau stay in power, and wanted to defeat Conservatives who called out China.

The Liberals have spent years talking about ‘foreign election interference’ and ‘misinformation.’

But now, a Globe & Mail report reveals CSIS documents show Communist China interfered in the 2021 election to help the Trudeau Liberals and defeat the Conservatives.

The report indicates China used ‘undeclared cash donations,’ and diaspora groups to spread disinformation against Conservative candidates:

“Now it’s confirmed.

The Chinese government wants Liberals to win and Conservatives to lose.

Ask yourself why that might be.”

Questions of legitimacy

As people take some time to consider the truly staggering and disturbing implications of the fact that Communist China helped the Liberals win the 2021 election, some important questions are being asked about the legitimacy of the Trudeau government:

“Should the seats of Liberal MPs who were elected by Chinese state money be vacated immediately with emergency by-elections called?”

“I can’t stress this enough.

If Trudeau knew about this and didn’t say anything, he needs to resign yesterday and this government needs to fall.”

This is not something that will just go away.

“Smoking guns: Beijing worked and spent and mobilized in the 2021 election for a Conservative defeat. Got the Liberal minority it wanted. Trudeau: nothing to see here.
This changes everything.”

Canadian democracy has been interfered with, and our sitting government now faces serious questions about whether it has the legitimacy to govern the country.

Liberal MPs who still value democracy and value the integrity of our national institutions must speak out against Trudeau’s refusal to reveal this information to Canadians. Otherwise, they will be complicit in attempting to benefit from Communist China’s interference.

More broadly, Canadians must understand that Justin Trudeau has demonstrated that he is completely untrustworthy when it comes to defending the interests of our country.

Trudeau knows that China wants him to stay in power, and knows China interfered to help him. Thus, he has an incentive to let China continue to gain influence over our nation, something that runs counter to Canada’s values and our responsibility to our democratic allies like the United States.

To protect our national security and defend our values, Trudeau must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando