WATCH: Trudeau Says Increasing Immigration Levels Will Ease Pressure On The Immigration System

“And the budget will balance itself.”

Admiring “China’s basic dictatorship.”

“And the budget will balance itself.”

“Grow the economy from the heart out.”

“Veterans are asking for more than we’re able to give right now” – said at a time when the Liberals were rapidly increasing government spending.

Those are just a few examples of Justin Trudeau’s absurd and often incoherent statements.

Trudeau often exhibits a ‘tenuous’ connection to reality, as his combination of a privileged upbringing and naïve champagne-socialist worldview detaches him from day-to-day reality.

And now, there’s a new message from Trudeau that strains credulity:

Apparently, increasing immigration will ease pressure on the immigration system

“Justin Trudeau tells a town hall crowd that increasing immigration levels will actually take pressure off the immigration system.”

This is what Trudeau does, on issue after issue.

The more his approach fails, the more he doubles down.

And he can’t even consider that any kind of change or reversal is necessary.

He seems to expect reality to adjust itself to his worldview and demands, rather than adjusting his worldview and demands to reality.

This is a serious problem for Canada, because it means we are led by someone who is unable or unwilling to demonstrate any kind of growth or adaptation in the face of new information.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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