Justin Trudeau Is Against An Inquiry Into China’s Election Interference Because He Wants To Keep Benefitting From It

It may not be complicated, but it is deeply disturbing.

Sometimes, things are relatively simple, especially when it comes to political motivations.

There are a few leaders – the ones who are remembered positively in the long run of history – who can put the national interest above their short-term political interest.

There are others who will gladly let their nation be weakened if they feel they are benefitting politically.

Sadly for Canadians, Justin Trudeau continues to show that he is the latter kind of leader.

With new reporting indicating CSIS warned Trudeau to rescind the nomination of a Liberal candidate who was allegedly assisted by China, the Prime Minister has said he won’t hold a public inquiry into Communist China’s interference in Canadian democracy:

Trudeau is claiming a public inquiry isn’t necessary, instead saying a parliamentary committee can handle it. “I applaud the work by parliamentary committees to monitor the situation,” said Trudeau.

Note how he says “monitor the situation” rather than investigate.

Monitoring a situation without taking action to deal with it is completely pointless.

Additionally, when you combine the Liberal & NDP Pact votes on the parliamentary committee Trudeau is referring to, they can simply vote down any real investigation.

So of course Trudeau wants it all to be “monitored” by the committee, because he has de facto control over it.

The fact is, Justin Trudeau doesn’t want to have a public inquiry into China’s election interference, because he is desperate to stay in power and thinks his chances of winning will go up if China is able to interfere on his behalf in the next campaign.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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