Report On Election Interference To Be Written By Former Trudeau Foundation CEO

Donations to the Trudeau foundation – including from individuals connected to the Chinese Communist Party – have surged during Trudeau’s time in office.

Since Justin Trudeau took office, donations to the Trudeau foundation have surged.

Donations from individuals connected to the Chinese Communist Party also surged.

This interest ‘coincidence’ is receiving newfound attention.

The Trudeau government has appointed Morris Rosenberg to a report on foreign interference in Canadian elections.

What makes this notable is that Morris Rosenberg was the CEO of the Trudeau Foundation from 2014-2018.

In a press release, the Conservative Party heavily criticized the move:

“For months, Justin Trudeau has repeatedly attempted to deny, minimize and cover up reports of serious interference in Canadian elections, including the 2021 election.

The allegations published in various media outlets are shocking and suggest serious and sophisticated efforts by the Beijing Communist Party (CCP) to interfere in Canadian democracy. Answers are needed. But Justin Trudeau has told Canadians that they don’t need to worry because the government’s panel on election security, the Critical Election Incident Public Protocol Panel, was watching for signs of election interference and would have informed Canadians if anything was suspicious.

Now we learn that the Trudeau government has appointed the former Trudeau Foundation CEO, Morris Rosenberg, to write the report that will be presented to the Canadian public on foreign interference in the 2021 election. But serious questions must be asked about this appointment, and whether the Liberals are actually taking this threat against our democracy seriously. During his time as the head of the Trudeau Foundation, Rosenberg was involved in facilitating a controversial $200k donation from influential CCP official Bin Zhang, who was also intimately involved in Trudeau’s 2016 billionaire cash-for-access scandal.

The Trudeau government must ensure that the very credible reports on election interference are investigated in a meaningful and impartial manner rather than trying to spin them as unimportant as they clearly have tried to do here. This discredits the report and proves we need a separate investigation, and the government should fully cooperate with the House committee studying this very issue. They must cease their obstructionism, and the NDP must stop protecting the Liberals in committee so Canadians can finally discover the extent of CCP interference.

Conservatives will also be calling for Mr. Rosenberg to be brought in front of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee to provide answers on this attempt by the Liberals to paper over serious threats to our democracy.”

PR strategy?

If the Liberals are trying to defuse the growing China interference scandal, then they should go back to public relations school.

Everything they’re doing only makes it look like they have a lot to hide.

Spencer Fernando