VIDEO: Prime Minister Trudeau Refuses To Directly Answer When He Knew About China’s Election Interference

The Prime Minister tried to deflect attention to the “special rapporteur”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to directly answer a question on when exactly he knew about China’s attempt to interfere in Canada’s elections by paying candidates.

Trudeau was asked about a report indicating intelligence memos were presented in 2019 and 2022 to high-level government officials warning that China was secretly funding Canadian political candidates.

In response, Trudeau tried to deflect by talking about his recent “special rapporteur” announcement:

“The PM was asked directly about what he knew of alleged interference in the 2019 election and he did not address it.

Instead, he spoke at length about his recent announcements on China #cdnpoli”

Trudeau’s ongoing refusal to answer the question, and his ongoing refusal to call a full independent public inquiry into China’s interference in Canada’s democratic institutions will only deepen the suspicion many Canadians are feeling regarding the Prime Minister.

Full media scrum video

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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