WATCH: Poilievre Grills Trudeau In Question Period On China’s Foreign Interference

The Prime Minister proves unable or unwilling to address the ongoing discrepancy between his claim to not have been briefed on candidates being secretly funded by China, and multiple reports indicating the opposite.

In the wake of a new report indicating two separate intelligence memos were given to high-level government officials indicating China’s funding of Canadian politicians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was grilled on the issue by Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre.

Poilievre repeatedly asked Trudeau to explain the discrepancy between the PMs claims that he wasn’t briefed on China funding candidates, and the reports that indicate otherwise.

Notably, Trudeau neither answered the question, nor did he deny the briefing.

Instead, he repeatedly sought to deflect attention elsewhere, just as he did when asked similar questions by reporters.

Poilievre didn’t let up however, continuing to grill Trudeau on the issue. Each non-answer only made Trudeau look more and more evasive.

The long faces of Liberal MPs on the government benches also spoke volumes, as they clearly seem the government as being on the defensive.

You can watch the showdown between Poilievre & Trudeau below:

““He knew when that committee reported that candidates received money directed by the dictatorship in Beijing.”

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre grills PM Justin Trudeau after a new story by Global News allege China funded election candidates.”

“Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre repeatedly asks PM Trudeau if anyone in the Liberal caucus is part of the Chinese election interference network. Trudeau repeatedly refuses to say yes or no.”

““Which members of the PM’s staff were present for that briefing?”

After reports show that the Prime Minister was briefed on a candidate involved in foreign interference, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre presses Trudeau in Question Period.”

““How much did the Liberal Party get in donations directed from Beijing?”

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre continues to press Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about alleged donations to the Liberal Party from Beijing.”

Spencer Fernando

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