If Only The Liberals Were Concerned About China’s Macroaggressions Against Canada’s Democracy

Each day brings a new attempt by the Trudeau government to change the channel, and each day Canada’s democratic institutions remain vulnerable to a hostile foreign power.

Since the China election interference scandal began to escalate, the Liberals have to change the channel in the usual ways.

First it was racism, when they implied those pushing to protect Canada from Beijing’s influence were prejudiced.

Then, it was abortion, with Prime Minister Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford Tweeting about the issue in an attempt to refocus attention.

And now, it’s sexism.

In response to remarks made by Conservative MP Michael Cooper, Liberal Members of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs accused Cooper of being sexist.

They also said he was using “microaggressions”:

You can watch the moment below:

“Liberal MPs Jennifer O’Connell and Sherry Romanado accuse Conservative MP Michael Cooper of “microaggressions” toward Melanie Joly and demand that he apologize for his conduct.”

Another attempt to change the channel

It’s quite obvious the Liberals are feeling an immense amount of pressure.

Thus, their strategy appears to be to try to survive day by day and buy time.

Trudeau’s announcement of a ‘special rapporteur’ (who was supposed to be appointed within days which was then changed to ‘weeks’), was an attempt to stall demands for a public inquiry.

Accusing people of racism, talking about abortion, and claiming MPs are sexist is another example of trying to win the daily news cycle and stave off further political disaster.

As noted by Conservative MP Raquel Dancho, this is clearly a distraction attempt:

“I agree. Women in power are strong and able to handle criticism. I find this coddling by Liberals demeaning. We don’t need to be treated like we’re fragile. It sets us back.

Liberals are clearly desperate to distract from their inaction on PRC election interference.”

The problem for the Liberals is that this issue isn’t going away.

The implications of China undermining our democracy is simply too big a deal for people to be distracted by contrived political outrage and talking points.

And the more the Liberals attempt to distract from China’s actions, the more Canadians will believe the government is hiding something big.

By trying to talk about ‘microaggressions,’ the Liberals are avoiding dealing with China’s ‘macroaggressions’ against Canadian democracy, which is what they should actually be focused on.

Spencer Fernando

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