The Liberals Are Going To Increasingly Absurd Lengths To Stop Telford Testimony

The filibuster has now gone on for 14 hours.

The Liberal filibuster at the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs has now reached 14 hours.

To keep the filibuster going, Liberal members of the committee have long-since abandoned the issue at hand and are saying whatever they can to simply take up time.

All of it is about delaying a vote on a motion to compel Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Chief of Staff to testify on China’s election interference.

The Opposition is calling this a cover-up:

“Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen: “Liberals are filibustering because we don’t believe it’s appropriate to call staff to committee.”

Correction: “Liberals are filibustering because the PM ordered us to cover up for him at all costs.”

The Libs are utterly shameless in their cover-up.”

“Liberal MP Ryan Turnbull questions the relevance of my intervention calling them out for wasting 14 hours of committee time with largely irrelevant comments all in an effort to cover-up the truth about Beijing’s election interference.

End the cover-up. Call the vote.”

In their desperation to stop Telford from testifying, the Liberals only further confirm the suspicions of those who believe they have something to hide.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter