Trudeau Accuses Opposition Of “Horrific Partisan Attacks”

The Prime Minister’s ongoing refusal to hold a public inquiry is heightening the level of political division in Canada, which he is now blaming on others.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to refuse calls to hold a public inquiry into China’s interference in Canada’s elections. This puts him dramatically out of step with public opinion. As a result, Trudeau has taken what could have been a relatively non-partisan issue, and turned it into a partisan debate. And by being so distant from what most of the public wants, Trudeau has incentivized his own MPs to resort to increasingly absurd measures to block a full investigation and instead attack others.

Unfortunately – as he often does – Trudeau is doubling down. He is accusing the Conservatives of exactly what he is doing – turning this into a deeply partisan issue. At a press conference, the Prime Minister accused the Conservatives of “horrific partisan attacks” for their response to his appointment of David Johnston as ‘Special Rapporteur’ – a position that was itself created to stall demands for a public inquiry. Trudeau’s remarks – and his refusal to call an inquiry – continue to heighten the impression that he and the government have something to hide.

You can watch Trudeau’s comments below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter