Liberal House Leader Lied About Poilievre Refusing Intelligence Briefing

Mark Holland had to admit that he ‘misspoke,’ as the Liberals become increasingly desperate in their attacks and attempts to distract from China’s election interference.

With the Liberals becoming more and more desperate as the China election interference scandal grows, their attacks are becoming more and more unhinged. And now, they’re just flat out lying and getting caught doing so.

Liberal MP Mark Holland – who also serves as Liberal House Leader – was forced to admit that he had “misspoke” (AKA lied), to the House about Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre apparently refusing a briefing on foreign election interference. Turns out, Poilievre had said he would refuse a classified briefing if offered one, because he wouldn’t be able to talk about anything he was told, and it could be used by Justin Trudeau to hide behind.

This was Holland’s original claim:

“In QP, Government House Leader Mark Holland says the Privy Council offered CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre a briefing on electoral interference and he declined it.”

Here’s Holland admitting it isn’t true:

Now, Holland may be saying he “misspoke”, but you and I know what he really did was lie. He and the Liberals are under immense pressure, as their attempts to make the China interference story go away have failed.

The Liberals initially denied there was even an issue, then tried to play the race card, and then tried to buy time with their ‘Special Rapporteur’ appointment. All along, they have continued to refuse to hold a public inquiry, despite overwhelming public opinion in favour of having an inquiry.

And Holland’s spreading of falsehoods isn’t the only lie the Liberals have been pushing lately. MP Mark Gerretsen was caught claiming that Pierre Poilievre deleted a Tweet slamming Trudeau’s appointment of a “member of the Beijing-funded Trudeau Foundation” to be ‘Special Rapporteur’.

Gerretsen’s lie was corrected by Twitter’s community notes, which pointed out that Poilievre did not delete the Tweet. Here’s Gerretsen’s Tweet:

And here’s the Community Note:

Mark Gerretsen Community Notes

Mark Gerretsen Community Notes 2

So, Gerretsen lied about the Tweet being deleted. He wanted to give the impression that Poilievre didn’t want to repeat his claims, yet the Tweet is still there.

Why are they lying so much, and so badly?

It’s not a surprise to see the Liberal government lying. What’s surprising is how incompetent their lies are lately. These aren’t the well-crafted, nuanced lies that have just enough resemblance to the truth to make them plausible and effective. These are desperate lies that crumble almost immediately.

So what is going on here? Why are the Liberals lying so badly?

All the evidence points to the Liberals being truly scared by the fact that Canadians are on the verge of learning the truth about China’s efforts to interfere in our democracy. They are also clearly scared by what that truth will say about how the Liberal government has conducted themselves since taking office. Just look at how they responded to demands for the PM’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford to testify. They did everything possible to stop it, including a pathetic and filibuster. They only relented under massive pressure and when it became clear they were going to lose the vote on compelling Telford to testify. They even mused about making that vote a confidence measure before giving in on that as well.

The Liberals are running scared, and we can expect their lies to get more desperate and more absurd. We need to keep calling them out, to ensure that they don’t get away with distracting from the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to undermine our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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