House Of Commons Votes For Public Inquiry Into Foreign Interference

The motion is non-binding on the government. But if the Trudeau Liberals ignore the vote, it will only confirm their cover-up and unwillingness to protect Canada’s democracy.

The House of Commons has voted for a motion calling for a public inquiry into foreign election interference.

The report of the PROC committee called for a public inquiry, meaning the vote for the motion was an expression of MPs support for that call.

Thus, we now have a majority of Canada’s elected representatives – from parties representing a clear majority of the popular vote (Conservatives, NDP, Bloc) calling for a public inquiry.

The vote comes a day after the shocking report alleging Liberal MP Han Dong encouraged a Chinese diplomat to delay the release of the two Michaels for political purposes. Dong – who denies the allegations – has resigned from the Liberal Caucus.

Almost all Liberal MPs voted against calling for an inquiry. One exception was Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, who abstained:

What will the Liberals do?

The Liberal government now faces a situation in which the majority of Canadians – as shown in multiple public opinion polls – and the majority of MPs are calling for a public inquiry.

A Liberal MP (who Justin Trudeau defended over and over again) faces incredibly serious allegations. The Prime Minister himself refuses to say when he knew about China’s foreign election interference, giving every indication he has something to hide.

So, how could the Liberals possibly ignore this motion? If they did, they would not only be ignoring the democratic will of Canadians and MPs, they would be sending a clear signal to China to continue infiltrating our democratic institutions.

Spencer Fernando

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