Questioning The Loyalty Of Government MPs Has Become Normalized, And The Liberals Have Only Themselves To Blame

The Liberal government can no longer hide behind politeness. There is too much at stake to allow niceties to override the protection of our nation.

Earlier, I was watching some MPs converse in the House of Commons following Question Period. The crowd always thins out dramatically, but there are still interesting dynamics to observe.

Conservative MP Ryan Williams asked some very important questions as part of an overall point that Canada needs to wise up fast in response to the efforts of authoritarian states like China and Russia to undermine our way of life, something that has been made all the more obvious following the revelations our country learned about last evening.

In response, Liberal MP Joel Lightbound put on an air of indignation and said it was wrong for any MPs to have their loyalty to Canada questioned.

That kind of ‘how dare you’ messaging has been used quite often by the Liberals, most notably by Justin Trudeau himself when he defended Han Dong. Trudeau and other Liberal MPs have repeatedly claimed that it is ‘unacceptable’ and ‘beyond the pale’ for Canadians to question how loyal our MPs are.

But now, it’s time we see that tactic for what it is: An attempt to stop a needed conversation before it even starts.

The brutal truth is that given China’s efforts to interfere in our democracy, and given the refusal of the Trudeau government to take it seriously, there are almost certainly currently serving MPs on the government benches who are more loyal to a foreign power than they are to Canada. After all, there wouldn’t be a big issue with foreign interference if that wasn’t the case.

Given the behaviour of the Prime Minister – and his obvious admiration for the ruthless Chinese Communist State – some could even question how committed he is to Canada at this point.

The Liberals want you to believe that such conversations ‘can’t happen’, but that is merely an attempt by Trudeau and his cronies to create a mental block to acknowledging the danger facing our country.

It’s not Canadians who should be on the defensive over questioning the loyalty of government MPs, it’s the government MPs who should be standing up for our country to make sure such questions don’t need to be asked in the first place.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals can’t hide behind politiness, precedent, or ‘niceties.’ This is far too serious a moment for any of that. Whether the Liberals like it or not, the broad questioning of the loyalty of some government MPs is an inevitable result of Justin Trudeau’s own actions. Trudeau has had so many chances to prove that he wants to protect Canada from China’s influence, and he has failed to do so over and over and over again.

So, as Canadians question the loyalty of those in power, Trudeau and the Liberals have only themselves to blame.

Spencer Fernando


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