WATCH: Trudeau Wasn’t Standing When Biden Praised Gender Neutral Cabinet, But That Hasn’t Stopped The Hypocritical Liberal Fools From Trying To Exploit The Moment

When your government is desperately trying to distract from how they allowed Communist China to attack our institutions, the truth takes a backseat to spreading garbage narratives.

As more and more Canadians question the loyalty of the federal government with each revelation of more details surrounding China’s infiltration of our democratic institutions, the Liberals continue to flail around and look for distractions.

The latest distraction is the moment when US President Joe Biden told MPs to stand up and applaud for a ‘gender balanced’ cabinet.

Now, the idea of picking people by a quota is obviously foolish, given that it elevates political correctness above choosing the best person for each job – whether that is a man or woman depends on the individual – not their gender.

And of course, Justin Trudeau doesn’t exactly have a good track record dealing with strong women, as his treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould made clear.

So, all of that makes it pathetically hypocritical for the Liberals to be acting as if they have some sort of moral high-ground.

But what makes this even more appalling is that even by their own twisted standards, they falls short.

Take a close look at the video below, shared by Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell (the same MP who claimed confronting China’s foreign interference was somehow doing China’s bidding).

If you look at these screengrabs, you’ll see that Trudeau remains sitting until Sophie motions to him, and then he stands, long after many other MPs – including many Conservative MPs – have stood up:

As noted by Jim Murphy on Twitter, the Liberals should have taken a closer look at the videos they shared:

You can see the same thing in the video shared by Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen:

Again, you can see Trudeau sitting until Sophie says something to him:

Liberal hypocrites

This just goes to show how hypocritical the Liberals are. Even when their own videos show the PM not standing, they use it to try and attack the Conservatives.

Obviously, this whole ‘controversy’ is stupid, and to even spend time talking about it feels like a waste, but we must call out Liberal hypocrisy because we have to hold them accountable for the damage their lies are doing to our nation.

At a moment when our democracy is at stake and our institutions are being attacked by a hostile foreign power, the Liberals are doing everything they can to draw attention elsewhere and away from their dangerous cover-up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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