Why Are The Liberals Bragging About Screwing Up The Economy So Bad That 11 MILLION Canadians Need Help Affording Food?

They take your money. They screw up the economy. They give a fraction of it back. And then they expect gratitude?

The Trudeau Liberals have gone on a promotional blitz to sell their ‘grocery rebate.’

The payment is being sold as something that will help Canadians with groceries, but it’s actually a GST rebate simply reskinned as a ‘grocery rebate.’

It can be spent on anything, which is only fair since the money belongs to Canadians in the first place.

With that said, it is still quite odd to see the Liberals hyping it up so much:

“Hundreds of dollars in support for 11 million people across the country. That’s what we’re delivering with the new Grocery Rebate. And that’s what I spoke about with people in Val-d’Or today. More here: https://bit.ly/43dyyUq”

“Millions of Canadian families will use the new Grocery Rebate to help cover the costs of the nutritious food they need—including from places like Galleria, one of our wonderful local grocery stores here in #UniRose!”

“11 million Canadians – that’s how many we will help put food on the table with our new Grocery Rebate from #Budget2023. 👇”


This is a coordinated campaign. Liberal cabinet ministers and MPs are going into grocery stores and talking about their ‘grocery rebate’, apparently thinking it’s a political winner.

But, while it may get them some positive attention in the short-term, it’s leading many to wonder why the Liberals are seemingly proud of having messed things up so bad that 11 million Canadians need help getting food:

The Liberals have repeatedly said they lifted many Canadians out of poverty, but their tacit admission that Canada needs ‘food stamps,’ shows that Canadians are worse off.

Trudeau and the Liberals have raised our taxes, rejected over $100 billion worth of energy projects that could have made energy cheaper and created countless jobs, have pushed inflationary deficits, and have massively expanded the size and scope of government without any improvement to services.

And, they’re dramatically increasing our population at a rate our social programs and housing market can’t keep up with.

As I discussed in my latest newsletter, Canada’s population is growing at a faster rate than our GDP, meaning our per capita GDP is declining. This is leaving most Canadians poorer and poorer as time goes on, and that is a total indictment of the Trudeau Liberal’s economic policies.

The fact that they are bragging about so many Canadians being so desperate shows how completely incompetent and out-of-touch the Liberals are.

Spencer Fernando

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