Crime Wave: 19-Year-Old Has Life-Threatening Injuries After Stabbing In Downtown Toronto

How long will people put up with this?

As governments get bigger and bigger, they interfere in more and more aspects of our lives.

And yet, this coincides with those same governments getting worse and worse at the basics.

The more they try to reshape the country or the world with grand experiments, the more they fail to keep law-abiding people safe.

That’s what we are seeing across our country, as a wave of violent crime grips the nation.

This isn’t just an instance of new attention on an issue creating the impression that things are worse. Rather, this is an example of more people paying attention to an issue precisely because it is getting worse.

Stats Canada confirms that violent crime is surging, as the violent crime severity index went up 5%. And with each new day seemingly bringing news of a new stabbing or shooting, it’s clear that the surge in crime isn’t letting up.

The latest example of this is a 19-year-old man who was stabbed in Downtown Toronto, and now has life-threatening injuries.

Police say a 17-year-old man has ben taken into custody. At present, authorities are unsure if the stabbing was random or targeted.

How much more will people put up with?

As crime continues to surge, Canadians are being robbed of the sense of safety many once felt in our communities.

This coincides with other things falling apart, including the collapse of our healthcare system and an unprecedented level of anger and division in much of the country.

The question now is how much more people will put up with?

Will Canadians wake up and realize that voting for naïve and weak soft-on-crime politicians will only continue us on this disastrous course?

There are some indicators that reality is starting to get through to some people, including the candidacy of former Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders who is running on a law and order platform:

However, many leftists remain stuck in delusional soft-on-crime thinking, as evidenced by another candidate who is calling for a freeze on the police budget:

“Josh Matlow is proposing a 3 year freeze on the Police budget.

He has positioned himself as the anti-Law and Order candidate in the middle of a crime wave.”

The fact that someone would still propose cutting or freezing the police budget in the midst of a crime wave is crazy, and it goes to show that those on the left simply can’t be trusted with power. They choose to blame all of society and blame everyone other than the actual criminals who are hurting and killing innocent people. To get crime under control, Canadians will need to start electing more Conservative tough on crime candidates. It’s that simple.

Spencer Fernando

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