Pathetic: After Over 7 Years In Power, The Liberals Are Now Trying To Blame The Provinces For Canada’s Affordability Crisis

The Liberals continue to show zero ability to provide real leadership.

The Trudeau Liberals have been in power since 2015.

In that time, Canada has become less affordable, more dangerous, and more divided.

We are now falling behind many peer nations, our once-respected institutions are divisive and crumbling, and basic things like housing and food are becoming less affordable with each passing day.

The Liberals have caused many of these problems, by imposing policies that weaken our own energy sector, push investment elsewhere, tax Canadians to the hilt, and send an overall anti-business message.

Combined with massive population increases, and the standard of living for most Canadians is now in decline.

In a country with so much potential wealth and abundance as Canada, our economic malaise is a direct indictment of the Trudeau Liberals.

Yet, in response to all of this, the Liberals continue to blame other rather than take responsibility. In a recent interview, Karina Gould – minister of families, children and social development – tried to push responsibility to the provinces:

“I think that many families, in particularly lower income families, are really struggling right now to make ends meet,” Karina Gould told CTV’s Question Period host Vassy Kapelos, in an interview airing Sunday. “The high cost of rent, the high cost of food, is having a big impact.”

“And even for folks who are in the middle class, they’re feeling the squeeze,” she added. “So yeah, people are struggling right now.”

“I think that there’s more that provinces could do,” she said.

“We can take important measures at the federal level, and I think we have,” she said. “We need to keep looking at what else we need to do, but we also need to make sure that provinces and territories are also supporting that work, because it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We have to be doing it together.”

First of all, it’s amazing that Gould acknowledges how bad things are for people, yet lacks the self awareness to connect that to the policies of the Liberal government.

And to then say the provinces need to do “more” shows a deep ideological refusal to understand that government is already doing too much. In fact, a key reason for the affordability crisis is extreme government actions that have skewed everything. Massive borrowing, money printing, endless deficits, anti-energy legislation, huge immigration increases, all have played a role in making life less affordable for Canadians, and all of that is federal responsibility.

If provincial governments borrowed more money to then give out and ‘help’ Canadians, things would get even worse.

One or two years into a new government’s time in office, it is understandable for them to blame their predecessors. But after over 7 years, it’s just pathetic. The Liberals clearly don’t have what it takes to lead our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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