The Liberal Government Asked Social Media Companies To Delete An Article They Didn’t Like. Now Imagine What They’ll Do With The Power Bill C-11 & Other Pending Legislation Would Give Them…

It’s always been about power and restricting our freedom of expression.

The Trudeau Liberals are the most power-hungry government we’ve seen in this country. They have consistently sought to restrict our freedom of expression, using every possible excuse as cover for what is – at the core – an effort to censor and silence opposing voices.

Trudeau’s praise of China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ wasn’t just idle chatter or a misplaced remark. It was what he really believes. He really wishes he had the power of Communist dictator, and he’s tried to shift Canada more and more in that direction.

Now, a new report indicates that – even without new censorship legislation being passed – the Liberals were demanding that social media companies take down content they disagreed with:

“Newly released documents show that a federal government department asked Facebook and Twitter to delete a newspaper article that it felt contained errors — but both social-media giants denied the request.

The request to remove social-media posts that linked to an unspecified Toronto Sun article came from a director of communications at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada on Sept. 27, 2021.

Documents say that Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada staff believed the article contained “serious errors of fact risking (and) undermining public confidence in the independence of the board as well as the integrity of the refugee determination system.” The board did not respond to questions from The Canadian Press.”

Imagine what they’ll do with more power

The Liberals are trying to pass Bill C-11, C-18, and C-36.

C-11 gives the CRTC the power to regulate user content on social media.

C-18 gives the government the power to mandate social media companies pay for news links (essentially an absurd scheme to direct money towards legacy media that – if passed – could lead to social media companies just banning news sharing in Canada.

C-36 is the ‘online harms’ legislation that will see the government regulation legal content it deems harmful. That’s as bad as it sounds, since it is subjective and will obviously used to censor those who criticize the government.

Individually, each of those pieces of legislation are dangerous. Combined, they represent a clear and deliberate assault on our rights & freedoms as Canadians.

This is why the fight against C-11 and all similar legislation must continue, and why – if the legislation ends up being passed – we must fight relentlessly to ensure it is resisted and ultimately repealed.

No government – especially one led by Justin Trudeau – should get the kind of power the Liberals are seeking.

Spencer Fernando


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