Gerald Butts Tried Blaming The Globe & Mail For The Chaos At The Trudeau Foundation. It Took Less Than A Day For That Narrative To Collapse

With Butts & Trudeau, it’s always somebody else’s fault.

After the Trudeau Foundation descended into chaos with the entire board of directors resigning along with the President & CEO, former top Trudeau advisor Gerald Butts tried to blame it on the Globe & Mail:

“Congratulations to the @globeandmail. That’s two charities in three years you’ve taken down, tough guys. You must be so proud. #TrudeauFoundation”

He then compared the Globe & Mail to Captain Ahab from Moby-Dick:

“Yeah but you expect that from a lot of outlets. The Globe used to be a ballast against it. Now it’s captained by Ahab and the crew has taken its cues accordingly.”

Notice where the blame for all of this is directed: Not towards the Trudeau Foundation. Not towards Justin Trudeau for his refusal to protect Canada from China’s interference. Not towards China’s efforts to subvert our institutions.

No, Butts focuses his attention on those who are discussing events, rather than those actually responsible.

You’ve likely noticed that this is an ongoing trend from Gerald Butts and the Liberals. They want everyone to focus on the response to what is happening in Canada, rather than what is happening and who is responsible for it.

Trudeau often complains about politics in Canada being ‘angry’ and ‘divisive,’ while ignoring the fact that he uses divisive tactics to maintain power. He also ignores the fact that Canadians are fully justified in our anger as things have worsened under his ‘leadership.’

Trudeau & Butts show a complete refusal to take any responsibility for the consequences of their actions and the policies they implement. Instead, the blame is always cast elsewhere.

Narrative collapse

Amazingly, Butts’ narrative attempting to blame the Globe & Mail for the chaos at the Trudeau Foundation collapsed in less than 24 hours.

Early this morning, La Press published an article that contained quotes from some of the Trudeau Foundation board members who resigned. Rather than blaming the Globe & Mail as Butts did, they instead talked about how they wanted an independent investigation into the “Chinese Donation,” but didn’t get it.

Here’s part of what I wrote about that:

“Further, it turns out the “Chinese donation” was never actually returned, despite the Trudeau Foundation claiming they would return it:

“In light of these recent allegations, the Foundation has refunded the full amount of the donation received directly to the donor,” said the organization’s executive director, Pascale Fournier, on March 1 .

Except that this reimbursement could never materialize. “Until recently, my understanding was that the donation had been refunded. But last I heard, he wasn’t,” says another resigning board member, who we’ll call EF.”

According to an internal document La Presse obtained, the name on the donation wasn’t the actual name of the donor, and the Trudeau Foundation didn’t have the real name anywhere. As a result, the donation was not refunded.

Apparently, many of the resigned board members wanted a real investigation, but those who would have been involved at the time when the Chinese donation was accepted refused to recuse themselves:

“Anyone who was on the finance committee or the audit committee at the time of the donation has a conflict of interest because they accepted these checks, AB continues They should not, therefore, be part of an investigation on this subject. They should have recused themselves. And they refused. »

And it would seem that this refusal led to the mass resignations:

“That gift is a stink bomb,” summarizes G. H. “What we experienced was an internal crisis of governance in relation to the management of this file, adds C. D. We have lost confidence in the ability of the organization to handle this file with transparency, integrity and accountability. »”

It’s interesting how the Globe & Mail doesn’t even get brought up. It’s almost as if the Trudeau Foundation is responsible for the chaos it now finds itself engulfed in. What a concept!

Everything that Butts & Trudeau are doing looks like desperation. They could just support a full independent public inquiry, but instead they’re attacking those who dare to ask for the truth.

This makes it abundantly clear that as long as Trudeau remains in office, Canada’s democracy and our cherished institutions are in grave danger.

Spencer Fernando


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