Justin Trudeau Is Still Ignoring Canadian Public Opinion & A Majority Of MPs By Refusing To Call A Public Inquiry Into China’s Election Interference

While the Liberals try to change the channel to abortion – their desperate go-to move – we must keep reminding Canadians that the Liberals are engaged in a massive cover-up.

What’s the biggest issue in Canada today?

If you ask most Canadians, they’ll say it’s the surge in violent crime, or the chaos in the Trudeau Foundation, or the ongoing China election interference scandal.

But if you ask the Trudeau Liberals, they’ll say it’s abortion:

In addition to that message out of nowhere, Liberal MPs and cabinet ministers are also pushing a video of Trudeau debating a university student about abortion.

They’re obviously desperate to change the channel, but we must not let them get away with it.

So, we need to keep reminding people of the fact that the Liberals have completely ignored a vote in the House of Commons over a week ago where a majority of MPs called for a full independent public inquiry.

172 MPs voted in favour, while 149 – Trudeau and the Liberals – voted against it. Since then, nothing has happened. Trudeau has completely ignored the vote, and keeps hiding behind David Johnston.

Poll after poll has also shown Canadians demanding an inquiry. Even a majority of Liberals want an inquiry.

So why is Trudeau ignoring it?

Why is he so desperate to hide behind Johnston?

Well, the ongoing chaos at the Trudeau Foundation gives us an indication of why:

“If Trudeau thought the story was looking bad for the Trudeau Foundation, it’s now gotten even worse. Turns out, his own brother signed the agreement with two Chinese businessmen who claimed to be donors:

“The member, who was a director of the foundation in 2016, urged the staff member to hand-deliver the $140,000 cheque to the real donor “as the only way to protect the Foundation and turn the page,…

The document says the staff member, who never learned the identity of the alleged real donor, refused to do so, saying it would not “only be unethical but illegal as this is a third party” with which the foundation has no relationship.

The agreement with the two Chinese businessmen who initially took credit for the donation was signed by Alexandre Trudeau””

The truth is likely horrendous for Trudeau & the Liberals

Everything Justin Trudeau has done, his rhetoric, his actions, his avoidance of a real investigation, gives every indication that the truth would simply be horrendous for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. The more details that emerge the worse it looks. So a full in-depth investigation not controlled by Trudeau and his cabal would be absolutely brutal.

It seems that Trudeau bet big on letting China influence our country and gain power over our institutions. He and his family having a long-standing obsession with Communist China, and a disdain for the Western world including a disdain for Canadian history, the U.K., and the United States.

Now that all of this is being exposed, he and his cronies are desperately trying to hold back the truth and hold on to power, knowing that Canadian public opinion will turn completely against them if the truth is revealed.

That’s why we need to keep talking about this, and keep reminding Canadians about the dangerous cover-up the Liberals are engaged in, and the serious threat Trudeau poses to our national institutions.

Spencer Fernando


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