PATHETIC: Former Liberal Minister Allan Rock Tries Blaming Pierre Poilievre For Chaos At Trudeau Foundation

Rock’s remarks are an absolute disgrace and show the contempt the Liberal elites have for the Canadian People.

Let’s consider what has happened to the Trudeau Foundation this week.

First, the entire board of directors along with the President & CEO resigned.

The Foundation then said the resignation was due to the “politicization” of the boards work.

Then, it turned out that explanation was false, and it was an internal fight over a massive Communist-China linked donation that led to the chaos and resignations.

Then, it was discovered that the donation wasn’t actually returned.

Then, we found out that Justin Trudeau’s brother was one of the signatories to the agreement that led to the donation.

After the initial resignations, Justin Trudeau tried blaming the Conservatives, while Gerald Butts blamed the media. This fell apart within a day, as it turned out to be the Trudeau Foundation itself that fell into dysfunction – something that can’t be blamed on outside sources.

And yet, former Liberal cabinet minister Allan Rock – who oversaw the start of the Trudeau Foundation (with generous taxpayer funding of course), is still trying to blame Pierre Poilievre for it:

“My views about the shameful, ignorant and malicious attacks by Pierre Poilievre on the Trudeau Foundation. He doesn’t care what he damages or destroys as long as he scores cheap points in the partisan arena.”

“I’m sad and frankly I’m angry at the nature of the attacks being made against the foundation these days,” says fmr min. @AllanMRock, who oversaw the creation of the @fdnPETF.”

Absolutely pathetic

Let’s not mince words here:

Allan Rock’s remarks are absolutely pathetic, and are a disgrace. 

Did Pierre Poilievre make the Trudeau Foundation take a $200,000 donation connected to Communist China?


Did Pierre Poilievre tell the Trudeau Foundation to go along with letting that donation appear to have come from a less controversial donor?


Did Pierre Poilievre tell the Trudeau Foundation to be connected to individuals who are supporters of the Chinese Communist Party?


Did Pierre Poilievre tell Justin Trudeau’s brother to sign the agreement for the donation?


Did Pierre Poilievre tell the Trudeau Foundation to ignore the board members who wanted a real investigation of the donation?


The Trudeau Foundation’s problems have nothing to do with Pierre Poilievre. All he’s doing is talking about those problems.

Again we see the same disturbing behaviour from Liberals like Trudeau, Butts, and Rock. They blame people for talking about problems while ignoring those actually responsible for the problems.

To make such an absurd argument – and blaming Poilievre for the Trudeau Foundation chaos is incredibly stupid – Rock shows immense contempt for the Canadian People. He must think we are idiots to fall for such a transparently false claim.

Canada has to move beyond the pathetic attitude shown by people like Allan Rock. Canadians deserve far better than to be treated with such contempt and condescension.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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