REPORT: Heavily-Redacted Document Indicates Trudeau Government Was Aware Of “Active Foreign Interference Network” Years Ago

If Trudeau was briefed on this, why did he and his cronies say the opposite for so long?

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly said he wasn’t briefed on China’s foreign interference efforts. It’s a talking point that only started to shift when the scandal escalated, and Trudeau started saying he was regularly briefed on foreign interference.

However, every indication is that the Liberals were glad to look the other way as long as the foreign interference by China was helping their electoral prospects and hold on power in Canada, and have only feigned concern now that public opinion is demanding strong action to protect our heavily-threatened democracy.

In her testimony, Katie Telford said “there is nothing that is ever kept from the Prime Minister”. Which would mean that he knows what is in this heavily-redacted document:


“Katie Telford just explained that the Prime Minister reads everything…. except maybe the highly damning information in his daily reading package. Document provided to the committee below.”

Take a moment to really consider the implications of this.

Assuming Trudeau saw this document – and it would be absurd to think otherwise – he has been aware for over three years that China was interfering in our elections.

The document says China’s interference efforts are “subtle but effective”, implying the Communist State had achieved at least some of their goals (which included keeping the Liberals in power and ensuring the Conservatives didn’t form government).

The document also says “investigations into activities linked to the Canadian federal election in 2019, reveal an active foreign interference (FI) network,” with the rest redacted.

Why did Trudeau not mention this before?

Why did he feign ignorance?

Why did he claim news reports on the issue were false?

Why did he blame all of this on partisanship?

It seems he did all of that because he felt he and his party were benefitting from it. It amounts to Trudeau selling out his own country for his political advantage, something that should sicken and outrage every Canadian who loves our country.

And even that is giving Trudeau the benefit of the doubt, because it would be naïve to assume he wasn’t aware of China’s interference efforts long before February of 2020. After all, a recent report indicates the Trudeau PMO was asking the Trudeau Foundation about the huge donation from China all the way back in 2016, and donations to the Trudeau Foundation had started surging years before when Trudeau seemed to be on the path to power.

This is a truly massive and disturbing scandal, because the more information is revealed the more we see how far the interference goes, and the more we see how Trudeau and his cabal are desperate to hide the truth from the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

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