UNHINGED: Eco-Extremist Steven Guilbeault Calls Pierre Poilievre “Threat To Canadian Democracy” After Twitter Labels CBC “Government-Funded Media”

The Liberals are going crazy over this, showing their immense fear over losing control of the narrative.

There are many ways someone can be a threat to the democratic system of their country.

At the top of the list would be outright treason.

Just a tiny bit lower down the list – at least in the case of Canada where the bar for treason is very high – would be letting a hostile foreign power like China influence our democracy while doing nothing about it – or worse – letting it happen for your own political benefit.

Lower down the list – but still pretty high up – would be trying to wreck the energy sector of your own country and forcing your nation to become more reliant on energy from hostile foreign powers.

A bit lower would be to claim to support your democratic allies around the world while depriving them of the energy they need to escape dependence on a country like Russia.

But you know what’s not on the list?

Reducing funding to the government-funded state broadcaster CBC.

In fact, given that biased state broadcasters are usually associated with authoritarian states rather than democracies, a good argument can be made that cutting CBC funding would have a real net positive impact on Canadian democracy and free speech.

Canadian independent media and independent content creators are thriving online, all without government funding, so Canadians can clearly build a strong media ecosystem and share our culture with the world without the state having to step in.

But that’s now how the Liberals see it.

In the wake of CBC affixing the ‘government-funded media’ label to CBC, the Liberals have gone absolutely crazy.

And unsurprisingly, one of the craziest messages comes from eco-extremist Steven Guilbeault:

“Millions of Canadians rely on CBC-Radio-Canada. @PierrePoilievre wants to shut down these home-grown information services, and sides with U.S. media giants. Poilievre is a threat to Canadian democracy, plain and simple.”


Guilbeault and Trudeau’s other cronies are refusing to hold a full public inquiry into China’s election interference in Canada. They are trying to dismiss and distract from what is the biggest scandal in years, and what is a truly massive danger to Canada’s democratic institutions.

Guilbeault has divided the country with his extremist ‘environmental’ policies that have hurt our allies and enriched foreign dictatorships.

After all of that, Guilbeault and the Liberals then turn around and expect us to believe that cutting CBC’s funding threatens democracy?

What a disgrace.

The real threat to democracy is the Trudeau Liberals – along with their NDP coalition partners. They’re letting our nation be infiltrated and undermined by hostile forces, and instead of protecting the nation they’re attacking patriotic Canadians who disagree with them.

More and more we are seeing why unhinged eco radicals like Steven Guilbeault should never be in a position of power.

Spencer Fernando


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