Before Having A Hysterical Breakdown, The Liberals Bragged About Increasing CBC Funding, & CBC Admitted They Were “Government Funded”

Experiencing just a fraction of the accountability and transparency expected of everyone else, the Liberal elites are going crazy.

There’s a reason free and open competition is so beneficial.

It ensures that the strongest and most effective individual, organization, or ideology rises to the top. And it ensures that those at the top are constantly challenged and risk losing their place if they fail to maintain a high level of performance.

When competition is unduly stifled however, things tend to stagnate, and power becomes less connected with performance and more connected to someone’s proximity to those who stifled competition in the first place.

We see this in Canada, with institution after institution falling apart, as we pay more and more and get less and less.

The Liberal political elite – the structure of power encompassing Trudeau & his cronies, organizations like the Trudeau Foundation, CBC, and much of the establishment media – have long forgotten what it’s like to earn their power and influence through real competition. So, the more they fail, the more they feel entitled to even more control.

This also manifests itself in their absolute rage towards anyone who would force them to be even a tiny fraction as accountable and transparent as the rest of us.

Now, you’re already likely aware of the truly unhinged response from the Liberals & CBC following Canadian Citizen Elon Musk deciding to accurately label CBC as government funded media. But their response is even more insane than it first appeared.

Turns out, CBC has previously admitted that they are government funded media. They said it openly and publicly in 2017 on Twitter in response to someone who asked them if they are government funded:

And the Liberals – before they decided to have a crazy hysterical meltdown – even bragged about massively increasing CBC’s government funding.

“Would you look at that. On the Liberal Party of Canada’s website, they don’t make the distinction that the CBC is publicly funded. Truth is, they also don’t say it’s government funded. No, no, it’s worse. The Liberals actually claim that the CBC is TRUDEAU FUNDED!”


Amazing how the Liberals claim they ‘invested,’ when what they actually did was take our tax dollars and direct more of our money to the CBC – all without asking us.

Unsurprisingly, the more funding CBC gets, the worse their ratings seem to be. This is what happens when the government subsidizes the media instead of the media being forced to compete. Removing the market incentive removes the incentive to stay connected to their audience.

Our country is in serious decline, and that decline is due in large part to the anti-competition mindset of those in power.

We need to stop subsidizing failure and start encouraging the kind of free and open competition that leads to success, innovation, wealth, and power.

Spencer Fernando


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