As They Hit Canadians With The Carbon Tax, Rob Us Of Our Hard-Earned Money, And Weaken Our Energy Sector, The Liberals Aren’t Even Tracking The Impact Of Their ‘Climate’ Policies

Because it’s all about controlling Canadians and making us more and more dependent on the government.

Any logical analysis of Canada’s percentage of global emissions makes it obvious that nothing we do in this country can change the overall trend.

If we shut down our entire economy for a year, it could easily be outdone by the ongoing surge in China’s use of coal power plants.

India’s ongoing population growth and surging economic growth also means emissions in that country will rise significantly for quite a long time, which is completely understandable given that India has every right to seek the kind of living standards and prosperity that seen in much of the Western world.

Thus, any politician who says that a carbon tax in Canada or restrictions on our energy sector is about “saving the planet” is lying to you.

Rather, what it’s really about is making people more and more dependent on the government, and giving the government more control. That’s why the Liberals love to first use the carbon tax to take more of your money, and then ‘give it back’ through a rebate – even though the rebate doesn’t actually cover the full cost.

Both put the government in control, as the government shows it has the power to take your money, and then puts the government in the position of ‘being generous’ by giving some of that many back to you. Of course, since they took it in the first place, there’s no generosity at all.

Now, the Liberals would dispute this, claiming the policies are ‘necessary’ to help the environment. Except, it turns out they aren’t even measuring that.

According to a report by the Auditor General, the Liberal government is not tracking the impact of their policies on emissions:

“Overall, we found that Environment and Climate Change Canada did not know the extent to which the greenhouse gas regulations we examined contributed to Canada’s overall emission reductions. This was because the department’s approach to measuring emissions did not attribute emission results to specific regulations. As well, we found that the department was too slow to develop the Clean Fuel Regulations, jeopardizing the pace of Canada’s emission reductions.”

So, the Liberals are slamming Canadians with the carbon tax and imposing other measures that make energy more expensive/reduce our economic competitiveness, and they don’t even know if those measures are ‘working.’

And again, even if they did ‘work,’ the impact would be basically meaningless due to our tiny fraction of world emissions. But of course, it’s not about achieving a ‘result,’ it’s about taking our money, lowering our standard of living, and restricting our freedom.

How much will it take for Canadians to wake up and realize that the policies imposed on us by eco-zealots like Steven Guilbeault and Justin Trudeau are making our lives worse?

Spencer Fernando


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