As Controversy Over Vacation At Trudeau Foundation Donor’s Villa Continues, Justin Is Heading To New York For The Elitist “Global Citizen” Summit

How will he sell out Canada this time?

The controversy continues over Justin Trudeau’s vacation at a luxury villa in Jamaica owned by a Trudeau Foundation donor.

The cost of the vacation – which includes the cost of security for the PM – is now known to be over $160,000.

What isn’t known is whether Trudeau paid for any of it himself, or whether it was a ‘gift’ from the donor to the Trudeau Foundation.

When I say it “isn’t known,” it’s only because there has been no ‘official’ answer. Neither the Trudeau PMO nor the Ethics Commissioner are saying if Trudeau paid for it or not.

But the absence of an answer here really tells us what the truth is. After all, if Trudeau had paid for it himself then the whole controversy could have gone away.

Yet, Trudeau isn’t letting the controversy stop him from jetting around the world while Canadians are told to struggle and cut back due to his policies.

Justin will soon be heading off to New York City for the elitist “Global Citizen” summit:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to head to New York next week for an international summit championing sustainable development and human rights.

Summit host Global Citizen bills the event as a forum to address some of the most urgent challenges facing humanity and the planet.

The Prime Minister’s Office says Trudeau will champion women’s rights when he joins other world leaders, artists and musicians at the event April 27-28.”

Trudeau will do what he loves to do the most: Hang out with celebrities while advancing an eco-zealot agenda that sells out our country.

Trudeau is obsessed with making pledges at events like that, pledges that usually amount to weakening Canada’s energy sector, raising taxes on Canadians, demonizing Canadian Conservatives, all to win a few short-term plaudits from global elites who will forget about it all the next day.

Justin Trudeau obviously doesn’t really want to lead a country like Canada, as he shows zero interest in defending our nation from China’s interference, zero interest in building up our energy sector, and zero interest in our military.

Canada – and Trudeau – would be far better off if he took some sort of UN job and spent time with his elitist friends on a permanent basis. Then, he could virtue-signal and sell out Canada all he wants without it actually having a direct negative impact on our country.

But so long as Trudeau is the Prime Minister, his visits to things like the Global Citizens Summit will always be a real cause for concern among the Canadian People as we brace for more damage to be done to our economy and our prosects as a nation.

Spencer Fernando


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