Next Federal Election Presents Stark Choice Between Socialist Stagnation Or Renewed Prosperity

Either Trudeau & Singh stay in power and continue to wreck our country, or Pierre Poilievre & the Conservatives win. Those are the only real possibilities, and no amount of magical thinking can change that.

The next federal election presents the starkest choice we’ve seen in decades.

This is due partly to Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre being the least apologetic CPC Leader when it comes to defending the core principles of economic freedom and individual rights.

But it is due more so to the shocking leftward shift of the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau.

Remember, in the 2015 federal election Justin Trudeau campaigned very much as a centrist. In fact, his positions on individual liberty (opposition to more government surveillance powers) and his plan to legalize marijuana were popular among elements of the libertarian wing of the CPC who had grown somewhat tired of Stephen Harper.

It’s no coincidence that Trudeau’s first campaign – before his real agenda was revealed – was also his most successful. Since then, and since his authoritarian, centralizing, & socialist attitude have been revealed – he’s lost the popular vote twice in a row.

The weaker Trudeau becomes, the more he is reliant upon the support of Jagmeet Singh, who has somehow managed to be both indispensable to Trudeau while also getting no cabinet seats or actual power.

Nevertheless, both Trudeau & Singh seem to be of a similar mind, as they push Canada in a more and more socialist direction.

Year after year, it seems a larger portion of the economy is dominated by the government. Taxes go up. Regulations go up. Free speech is curtailed. State media grows. The establishment media becomes more and more reliant upon taxpayer funding.

We are discouraging Canadian entrepreneurship and innovation, and our standard of living is suffering as a result. The more we take from those who earn wealth and drive our society forward, the more we risk being mired in stagnation and decline.

There is only one way for Canada to escape from a future of socialist stagnation: A Conservative election victory.

Given that Justin Trudeau seems set to remain Liberal leader, that means our country will be lead by either Pierre Poilievre or Justin Trudeau after the next election.

If Trudeau stays in power he will almost certainly remain reliant upon Jagmeet Singh, and they’ll keep moving Canada towards socialism.

If Pierre Poilievre wins, Canada will move to a path of lower taxes, higher productivity, and restrained government spending. Our rapidly-expanding debt burden will be brought under some semblance of control. And most importantly, the assault on our freedom of speech will be stopped.

This doesn’t mean the Conservatives are perfect. Like any party they have their own internal differences and like any party aspiring to national leadership they will have to make concessions to the political environment. However, Pierre Poilievre has shown that he can effectively persuade others to see Conservative policies in a new and more positive light, rather than taking the approach of the previous non-interim CPC Leader who sought to shift Conservative positions to the left.

With these facts in mind, we also must address the issue of magical thinking: Some of Poilievre’s critics on the right argue that he’s no different from Trudeau, and that only the PPC can bring change to Canada. Those claims fall apart under even the mildest scrutiny.

First of all, Poilievre & Trudeau are quite different:

They differ on the size and role of government. They differ on the carbon tax. They differ on the gun registry. They differ on crime. They differ on the oil & gas sector. They differ on free speech. They differ on military spending. They differ on China’s election interference. They differ on government spending. They differ on the debt & deficit. They differ on how to make housing more affordable. And on and on. To argue that they are the same is to completely ignore reality.

Second, the PPC has no seats, and not one poll puts them even close to getting a seat. There is no logical scenario in which the PPC wins the next election. Their leader has now lost twice in a row in attempting to win a seat in Parliament. They – at best – place around 6% in major polls, and they average closer to 2-3%.

Of course, the PPC has every right to run, and people have the right to vote for who they wish. Every vote has to be earned in the competition of democracy. But let’s not pretend that a PPC government is a realistic possibility. It simply isn’t.

This brings us to an inescapable truth: For Canadians who want to reverse Canada’s socialist stagnation by defeating Justin Trudeau/Jagmeet Singh, there is only one logical way to vote: For the Pierre Poilievre-led Conservatives.

Spencer Fernando


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