The Liberals Don’t Trust Canadians To Think Freely & Don’t Think Canadian Culture Can Win A Fair Competition

Trudeau and the Liberals continue to do their best impression of authoritarian socialism by treating the population as if we need the government to control us for our own good.

There seems to be one group of people the Liberal government is willing to trust:


They’ve done everything possible to make it easier for criminals – even extremely violent ones – to get out of jail easily and even avoid being sent to jail at all.

Police chiefs, officers, and even many regular Canadians have been speaking out about the damaging impact of Liberal ‘bail reform’ policies that have led to surging levels of violent crime.

The Liberals decided to trust that people who have already broken the law will somehow become law-abiding if they are given a slap on the wrist.

But for the rest of us, for law-abiding Canadians, we get nothing bit mistrust from the government.

Just look at legislation like Bill C-11 (which will soon pass after debate was shut down in the Senate), and C-18.

Both pieces of legislation represent fundamental government hostility to the right of Canadians to speak freely. They also show a profound lack of trust that Canadians can compete and win on a level playing field when it comes to promoting our country and culture.

A lack of trust in individual decision making is a hallmark of authoritarian socialists. Communist states obsessively centralize control over communication and claim that only the government can defend the culture or identity of a country. There’s no room in that kind of system for freewheeling individuality or creativity, instead it all has to be subsumed to the will of the centralized government.

You’ll notice that whenever Justin Trudeau or his ilk talk about free speech, they cast it in a negative light. They never focus on the positives of free speech, how it generates innovation, how it lets ideas compete, how it holds politicians accountable, and how all of our other rights rest upon the foundation of free speech. No, they only focus on the few negatives, attempting to conflate a few opinions they disagree with with the concept of free speech itself.

Of course, authoritarian socialists believe they should be free to speak their minds. When they oppose free speech, what they are really saying is you shouldn’t be able to speak your mind if you disagree with them. The fact that we see such attitudes being expressed by people like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh, and the fact that they are passing legislation to entrench those attitudes shows how much freedom is threatened in Canada.

Spencer Fernando


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