American Tech Billionaires Have Done More To Protect The Free Expression Of Canadians Than Justin Trudeau Ever Will

Tech titans have built massive platforms that have enabled millions of Canadians to share our voices. Meanwhile, Trudeau and his neo-communist cronies want to restrict our freedom of speech and gain control over platforms they would never have been smart enough to come up with on their own.

With Bill C-11 having passed in the Senate, the Neo-Communists are already on to their next power-grab.

The Liberals continue to push Bill C-18, the Online News Act. Despite the name, what it is actually designed to do is force social media companies to prop up failing establishment media outlets.

The Liberals want to force the online platforms to pay for links – which is as pathetically stupid as it sounds. The Liberals and the moochers in the organizations lobbying for the Online News Act argue that platforms like Facebook are ‘stealing’ from those who post their links on the platform.

Obviously, that has it entirely backwards. Facebook and other social media platforms provide access to a massive number of potential readers/viewers, and provide the infrastructure to reach that audience. For example, I have over 100,000 followers combined on Twitter & Facebook. If I had to try and get a message out to 100,000 people through print, I would have to own a printing press, pay people to operate it, pay for the paper, pay for the ink, pay for distribution locations, pay for distributors, pay for trucks, pay for fuel, etc…

But thanks to social media platforms, I can get that message out at almost zero cost. Those platforms provide a service, a service which I am grateful for.

Only the most ignorant socialist moochers could think that they have any claim on demanding that those platforms pay those to whom they are providing a service.

Trudeau doesn’t have the credibility or standing to criticize American tech billionaires

Justin Trudeau loves to criticize people he deems as the “American Tech Billionaires.” It’s become a big talking point for the Liberals, the NDP, and the other moochers.

And yet, those American tech billionaires have done far more to defend the free speech and free expression of Canadians than Justin Trudeau ever has.

People like Elon Musk (who is also a Canadian Citizen, something Trudeau conveniently ignores), and Mark Zuckerberg either built (in Zuckerberg’s case), or further liberated (in Musk’s case), massive social media platforms that have empowered millions of Canadians like never before.

They have enhanced our freedom, enhanced our ability to hold politicians accountable, and enhanced our ability to connect with one-another. They have also helped push civilization forward, by enabling a more rapid and free exchange of ideas that allows ideas to be tested and compete in the marketplace.

The point here is that people like Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh could never have done what Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk have done. All Trudeau & Singh can do is use government force to leech off of the achievements of others in order to try and restrict our rights and freedoms.

Furthermore, why does Justin Trudeau even think he has any standing to criticize Americans who built massive companies?

Canada relies on America for our national defence. We are heavily dependent on their economy. We depend massively on American innovations. We aren’t pulling our own weight when it comes to defending North America.

Instead of demonizing Americans who achieved amazing things, Justin Trudeau should try keeping his mouth shut and focus on getting the basic functions of government right. Of course, that would entail taking some responsibility, ending his assault on our rights and freedoms, and trusting individual Canadians with more money and power, all of which goes against Trudeau’s Neo-Communist mindset.

But for those of us who actually understand reality, it’s imperative that we explain to our fellow Canadians that we should be thanking American tech billionaires for expanding our free speech, instead of falling for Justin Trudeau’s attempt to demonize them in furtherance of his own communist-style power grabs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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