Disgusting Betrayal: Trudeau Government Knew MP Michael Chong’s Family Was Targeted By China, Didn’t Act & Didn’t Tell Him

This is sickening.

It has long been abundantly clear that the Trudeau Liberal government will put their own political interests ahead of everything else, including Canadian national security and the protection of Canadian Citizens from foreign intimidation.

As more and more information emerges, the Liberals have been shown as willing to allow China to interfere in our democratic institutions, since they felt they were benefitting from that interference.

But now, the true extent of the Trudeau Liberals’ willingness to betray our values and betray Canadians has been revealed.

A new Globe & Mail report on a CSIS intelligence assessment mentioned that the family of a Conservative MP was targeted as part of China’s intimidation strategy. A national security source told the Globe & Mail that the MP in question was Michael Chong, and that he was targed by Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei. Chong had been – and remains – one of the strongest critics of China’s authoritarian Communist government.

In response, Chong released a statement indicating the Trudeau government never told him that his family was being targeted. His statement is well-worth reading, and you can find it in full below:

“I am profoundly disappointed to find out through a Globe and Mail report that the Trudeau government knew two years ago a PRC diplomat, working out of the consulate in Toronto, was targeting my family in Hong Kong.

“The government did not inform me that a diplomat was targeting my family, nor did the government take any action to expel the diplomat responsible for orchestrating this intimidation campaign.

“In fact, the latest diplomatic and consular list of accredited diplomats provided by Global Affairs Canada shows that this diplomat, Mr. Wei Zhao, is still approved by the government to work in Canada. It is obvious and dumbfounding that the government continues to turn a blind eye to the threat of foreign interference.

“While I have been briefed by CSIS about foreign interference threat activities, these briefings did not provide any information about this individual and specific threats to me or my family. In light of the information reported by The Globe, my conclusion is that the PMO did not authorize CSIS to inform me of this specific threat.

“When the government became aware an elected MP was being targeted for an intimidation campaign by a PRC diplomat here in Canada, they should have taken two actions. First, they should have informed me. Second, they should have declared the diplomat persona non grata. While Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were still wrongfully detained by the PRC at the time this information came to the government’s attention, they were released several weeks later on September 24, 2021. Any serious government would have acted after their release to expel this diplomat. The fact that the government neither informed me nor took any action is indicative of its ongoing laissezfaire attitude toward the PRC’s intimidation tactics.

“Like many Canadians, I have family abroad. The PRC’s targeting of family abroad to intimidate and coerce Canadians here at home is a serious, national threat. It undermines social cohesion, and our cherished fundamental rights and freedoms. The Trudeau government continuing to accredit and allow a PRC diplomat to remain in Canada to target my family abroad demonstrates a complete lack of leadership and common decency.

“The government’s ongoing failure to act leaves all Canadians vulnerable to the foreign interference threat activities of the PRC and other authoritarian states bent on undermining our democracy.

“What happened should be a wake-up call for the whole of government. An authoritarian state targeted the family of an elected MP to try to change the course of a domestic debate about our country’s foreign policy, and the government knew this and did nothing.

“The Trudeau government’s inaction suggests they will not protect Canadians of differing political viewpoints from the threat activities of authoritarian states.

“These political calculations cannot and should not trump our values, our national security and duty of protection the Canadian state owes every citizen from foreign coercion exercised within our own borders.”

Canadian freedom under siege

As I’ve said before, this is an incredibly dangerous time for our country. Our freedom is being undermined both from within, and from without. Legislation like Bill C-11 erodes our free expression. Letting China interfere in our institutions erodes our democracy. And in both cases, the Trudeau Liberals are fine allowing it to happen.

In the case of C-11 it’s happening directly because of the Trudeau Liberals. In the case of China’s interference, it’s happening because the Trudeau Liberals want to benefit from it.

This all amounts to a disgusting betrayal. The government has not only betrayed Michael Chong by leaving him and his family out to dry, they’ve betrayed all Canadians by allowing a ruthless Communist State to gain more and more control over our country.

Spencer Fernando


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