Mendicino Caught In Another Lie: Some Alleged Chinese Police Stations Continue To Operate

Marco Mendicino had claimed otherwise.

On a day in which we learned that the Trudeau Liberal government knew Conservative MP Michael Chong’s family was being targeted by Communist China – and didn’t tell him or take any action to stop it – we’ve learned that there are still alleged secret Chinese police stations operating within our national borders.

Notably, this contradicts a claim by public safety minister Marco Mendicino:

“Two Montreal-area community groups under investigation for allegedly hosting secret Chinese government police stations say they are operating normally.

Their comments contradict claims made last week by federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, who told a parliamentary committee that the RCMP had closed all the alleged secret police stations in the country.”

This isn’t just a little mistake by Mendicino.

It was a lie.

He said all the alleged stations were closed, yet they were not.

A government unable to get the basics right, while taking away our freedoms

The size, scope, and power of government should be extremely limited. That said, there are a few basic functions a national government has. First and foremost is national security.

Given the immense amount of taxes we pay, expecting our national security to be taken care of is really the bare-minimum. The fact that our nation is being infiltrated and influenced by a hostile Communist State, and our military falling apart, demonstrates how much contempt the Liberals have for us. That’s part of what I wrote about in my latest National Citizens Coalition column:

“Even before the public sector strike, government service quality was declining fast, yet we’re paying more and more taxes for those services. Our per capita income has been dropping, meaning our standard of living is now in decline. Tens of billions of dollars of potential investment in this country has been lost due to excessive regulations, high taxes, and the anti-energy agenda of socialists like Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh. Our military is in a state of near collapse, something we can ill afford in an increasingly dangerous world.”

You can read the full column here

Mendicino’s dishonesty and the refusal of the Liberal government to shut down China’s police stations is an absolute disgrace. In a reasonable, rational world, people like Trudeau & Mendicino would already have been run out of office for their rampant failures.

Spencer Fernando


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