In Appalling Testimony, Alexandre Trudeau Says “We Are Wasting Our Time On The Notion Of Interference”

It’s beyond obvious that the longer the Trudeau family remains in a position of power in our nation, the more our values and independence will erode.

The Liberals are now pretending to take China’s election interference seriously.

I say “pretending,” because everything they’ve done indicates they don’t take it seriously at all, while everything they say is designed to give the impression of action where it doesn’t really exist.

This brings us to the question of what Justin Trudeau really thinks. Now, every indication is that he is glad for he and the Liberals to keep benefitting politically from China’s interference in our country. This fits with his pro-China worldview.

And the evidence for his willingness to let China gain more and more influence in Canada is bolstered by the views of his brother – Alexandre Trudeau – as I wrote about here:

“Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau – who will be testifying this week regarding the Trudeau Foundation’s links to China – has been to China over 10 times.

This obsession with China – and the way in which Alexandre Trudeau discusses the country – has led some to question whether he is an “apologist” for the Chinese Communist Party.

Speaking to Ai Weiwei in 2008, he praised the “unity and organizational power” of the CCP:

“Is Sacha Trudeau, perhaps, an apologist for the Communist Party of China? He openly discusses the question in the book. He doesn’t believe China “could have come so far so quickly without the unity and organizational power” the CPC has provided. “The Chinese story, especially the recent one over the last 30-40 years, is perhaps the greatest success story in human history, in terms of the amount of wealth created.” However, when he thinks of the concentration of power of China’s current leader, Xi Jinping, he asks: “Will Xi’s personal ambition result in an even more repressive China?” In that scenario one is left asking: What of Ai? What price will he have to pay for his (dis) honesty?”

If there was any doubt about what Alexandre Trudeau thought about this, he made his views clear. He thinks discussing China’s foreign interference is a “waste of time”:

“We are wasting our time on the notion of interference,” Alexandre Trudeau with the Trudeau Foundation about donations from Chinese benefactors, saying it’s a “great distraction for the important mission of the foundation.”

Amazing. Our independence as a country and our core institutions are being undermined by Communist China, and Alexandre Trudeau thinks talking about it is “wasting our time.”

Alexandre Trudeau also showed truly stunning naivety – or perhaps just playing dumb to avoid acknowledging reality – when it came to the possible motivations of those who sought influence:

Clearly, Alexandre is taking the position that there’s no issue here. In fact, he attacked the credibility of Pascale Fournier – the former Trudeau Foundation President who has been open about the concerns she and others had surrounding the Chinese donation:

“Alexandre Trudeau assures MPs that Trudeau Foundation was never the target of foreign interference and attacks the reputation of former president Pascale Fournier, saying the only problem now is a “management crisis” fueled by “significant mistakes” by Fournier.”

It’s ‘interesting’ that Alexandre Trudeau thinks no interference occurred, given that the only donation he intervened on was the one from China:

“Trudeau Foundation President & CEO says that Alexandre Trudeau only intervened in one donation – a massive donation from Beijing.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.”

I think what we saw today from Alexandre Trudeau’s testimony – testimony that will look disastrous to any reasonable person who is concerned about China’s election interference – is what Justin Trudeau really believes and wishes he could say publicly. He thinks there’s no problem with China gaining more power over our country. He’s glad for his party to benefit from it. It fits his pro-China, anti-Western worldview.

The longer the Trudeau family remains in a position of power in our nation, the more our values and independence will erode.

You can watch Alexandre Trudeau’s full testimony here:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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