Why Hasn’t Trudeau Expelled The Chinese Communist Officials Involved In Threatening Michael Chong’s Family?

If the Canadian government was fully compromised by China, would they be acting any differently than the Trudeau government is now?

When we discuss the idea of the Trudeau government being compromised by Communist China, some will push back by pointing to a few instances in which the Liberals did small things to ‘push back.’

For example, disallowing the sale of a mine or banning Huawei.

Some point to those instances and claim that a compromised government wouldn’t have taken such action.

However, they are missing a key point:

A compromised government would take steps to muddy the waters a bit, and not make it blatantly obvious that they’ve been compromised.

If Trudeau did what the Chinese Communist Party wanted 100% of the time, it would be too easy to notice. If he does what they want 70% of the time, then they can continue to expand their influence in Canada and gaining power over our country while giving Trudeau some ‘plausible deniability.’

A way to assess this is to consider how Trudeau responds to the really big issues, the issues that actually put our institutions at risk.

Canada has no inquiry into China’s election interference, because Trudeau is blocking an inquiry from happening.

Trudeau is hiding behind ‘special rapporteur’ David Johnston, an individual who has his own connections to China.

The Trudeau government knew for two years that Conservative MP Michael Chong’s family was being threatened by CCP diplomats operating within Canada. They did nothing.

The diplomat(s) involved in threatening Chong’s family are still in the country.

Trudeau has taken no action to expel those diplomats, thus sending China a message that Canada is an easy target for further foreign influence attempts.

All of this is exactly what a compromised government would do.

They would refuse to take action on the most dangerous aspects of China’s interference, while tinkering around the edges just enough to claim they are doing something.

I’ll leave you with this thought:

If Canada’s government was fully compromised by China, would they be acting any differently than the Trudeau government is acting now?

When we consider the answer to that question, the implications are profoundly disturbing.

Spencer Fernando


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