WATCH: Melanie Joly Displays Pathetic Weakness & Cowardice In Response To Demands That Chinese Communist Diplomat Be Expelled

Joly’s lack of action – following the ‘example’ set by Justin Trudeau – is an absolute disgrace.

Canada is open for business.

No, not actual entrepreneurship or wealth-creation, given our declining standard of living and unfriendly business environment.

But when it comes to the business of foreign interference, Canada is wide open indeed.

While most of our fellow democracies have taken at least some action against Communist China’s increasing aggression and belligerence, Canada has not expelled even one diplomat from the Communist regime.

This was already incredibly disturbing.

But now, after it was revealed that the Trudeau Liberals knew for two years that Conservative MP Michael Chong’s family was being targeted by a Chinese diplomat operating within Canada – and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT – people are rightfully going from being disturbed to being outraged.

Chief among those who are outraged is Michael Chong himself – and he has every reason to be outraged. The absolute lack of action by the federal government is an open invitation for China to continue trying to intimidate his family and continue expanding their intimidation tactics against other Canadians.

Every day the Chinese Communist diplomat who threatened Chong’s family remains in Canada is another day in which China gets sent the message that the Trudeau Liberals want them to keep infiltrating and influencing our nation.

Chong made this point quite effectively in a heated exchange with foreign affairs minister Melanie Joly. Joly’s responses demonstrated absolutely pathetic weakness and even cowardice, as she has been talking about the worry of blowback from China if we keep out the diplomat.

Think about what that means. China has threatened the family of a Canadian MP to try and stop him from criticizing China, and the Canadian foreign affairs minister is talking about being worried about what China will do if we kick out one of their diplomats?

That’s the kind of weakness and gutless behaviour that emboldens dictatorships, and Joly has demonstrated she totally lacks the strength to defend Canada’s interests.

Joly acted as if she was some sort of guidance counsellor, acknowledging Chong’s ‘feelings’ while ignoring the fact that she has an actual job to do. It was an appalling display. At this point, it’s no surprise that Joly is often touted as a potential replacement for Trudeau. They both lack of substance, lack leadership ability, lack strength, and lack any ability to perceive of Canada’s interests.

You can watch the Chong vs Joly moment below:

“At the Commons foreign affairs committee, @MichaelChongMP asked foreign affairs minister @melaniejoly why the Chinese diplomat threatening him and his family, and other MPs was still in Canada. The answer from Joly is embarassing to Canada.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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