With Trudeau Caught In Massive Lie About CSIS & China’s Threats Against A Canadian MP, Are Some Liberals Beginning To Turn On Him?

Criticism is emerging from some surprising sources.

The cult-like nature of Justin Trudeau’s support has become increasingly disturbing. While his popularity has declined steadily since he won the 2015 election, he has maintained a core base of support that becomes more aggressive and more rabid the worse he does as PM.

It’s important to remember that Trudeau is a very unpopular leader. The Liberals have lost the popular vote twice in a row, and their popular vote totals in 2019 and 2021 were the lowest in Canadian history for any party that won the most seats.

As the economy has worsened, and as the China interference scandal has grown, Trudeau’s popularity has fallen even further.

The Liberals are now a few points off from their already-weak 2021 numbers, often now polling between 28-30%.

Despite this, his core base has remained on his side. The worse he does, the worse things get in the country, the more they attack his critics and lash out. Liberal MPs have stuck by him, with even those who had shown signs of personal integrity debasing themselves in his defense.

But now, Trudeau has been caught in an absolute whopper of a lie. Yesterday, Justin Trudeau threw CSIS under the bus, claiming that they didn’t pass on information noting that Michael Chong’s family had been threatened by a Chinese diplomat.

Turns out, Trudeau was lying. In reality, CSIS passed the information on to Trudeau’s national security advisor, and to relevant government ministries – all of which answer to Trudeau:

“Conservative MP Michael Chong, whose family was targeted by the Chinese government according to a CSIS assessment, said staff in the Privy Council Office were made aware of the spy agency’s view two years ago, contrary to the prime minister’s claim that CSIS had kept that knowledge to itself.

On Thursday, Chong said that he had just been informed by Trudeau’s current national security adviser, Jody Thomas, that the CSIS assessment from July 20, 2021, was in fact sent to the national security adviser in the Privy Council Office, the prime minister’s government department, and all other relevant departments at the time. It allegedly contains information that Chong and a number of other MPs were targeted by China.

“This contradicts what the prime minister said yesterday,” said Chong. “Will the prime minister correct the record?””

Chong is considered one of the most honest and ethical MPs in Parliament. He sticks to what he believes, even when it has a cost. He famously chose to resign as a cabinet minister over a disagreement with then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper about a motion declaring Quebec to be a nation within Canada.

Chong has also been one of the strongest critics of Communist China, asserting the essential and fundamental ways in which our values as Canadians are diametrically opposed to the values of the Chinese Communist Party.

A contest of credibility & ethics between Chong & Trudeau isn’t a contest at all. Trudeau has proven himself to be a near-pathological liar, and he’s been caught in perhaps his biggest lie of all.

Criticism from some odd corners

Trudeau lying isn’t anything new – though the scale and consequences of his latest lie seems different. The real change here is that the federal government is being criticized from some surprising sources.

Catherine McKenna:

And even more surprising – John McCallum – one of the biggest pushers of Canada getting closer to China:

As Andrew Schiedl said on Twitter, it seems some Liberals are trying to reshape their reputations when it comes to China:

“Even card-carrying comprador John McCallum is seeking redemption tonight.

I’m old enough to remember when he was serving as PRC ambassador to Canada and advising CCP on how to defeat the conservatives.”


What is going on here?

Well, McKenna and McCallum are both out of official politics, and thus freed to speak their minds (how sad is it that we only get free-thinking when people are out of office?). Trudeau can’t punish them, and they have no nomination papers that need to be signed.

Yet, there is also something else happening. Canadian public opinion has turned massively against the Chinese Communist Party in recent years. And this latest scandal is so appalling that the actions of the government are indefensible for all except the most rabid Trudeau cultists. The worse Trudeau looks, the more those who once associated with him will want to distance themselves and protect their own reputations.

There are some Liberals who oppose Communist China, but they have been largely silenced by the disturbingly pro-CCP attitude of Justin Trudeau, the Trudeau family (as his brother showed in his testimony) and Trudeau’s cronies. Some of those Liberals fear of Trudeau may now be outweighed by their fear of the Canadian public turning against them.

Whatever the case may be, we should do everything we can to encourage the trend of people finally saying enough is enough when it comes to Trudeau & China.

Our nation is facing an unprecedented assault, and that assault is being enabled by a Prime Minister who would rather advance the interests of foreign nations than protect the security and fundamental values of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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