Seamus O’Regan Thinks The World Follows Canada’s Example On Emissions

The Liberals continue to make irrational & emotional appeals to distract from the real-world consequences of their ‘climate policies’: More money taken out of your pocket & a lower standard of living. Furthermore, does anyone really believe China took Canada into account when they expanded their use of coal power?

Here’s what the New York Times says about China’s expanded use of coal power:

“But China also burns more coal than the rest of the world combined and has accelerated mining and the construction of coal-fired power plants, driving up the country’s emissions of energy-related greenhouse gases nearly 6 percent last year, the fastest pace in a decade. And China’s addiction to coal is likely to endure for years, even decades.”

That was written in November of 2022.

China accounts for about 26% of global emissions. The United States is about half that, at 13%.

Canada is between 1-2%.

This means a 6% increase in China’s emissions amounts to roughly a 1.7-1.8% increase in global emissions. This means that one year of increased emissions in China is equivalent to all of Canada’s emissions.

The whole country.

We could shut down our entire country, and the world would barely notice any change in emissions.

Does that not demonstrate how worthless the carbon tax is, and how it does nothing but take more money out of our pockets and put that money under the control of the government?

And ask yourself this: Did China consult with Canada before expanding their use of coal?

Of course not. They couldn’t care less what Canada thinks or Canada does when it comes to emissions. All China cares about when it comes to Canada is turning us into a vassal state.

Canada is an example?

While Canada’s negligible global emissions render any change we make virtually undetectable, the Liberal government seems to think that the entire world is watching and waiting to see what we do next.

Just look at these remarks from labour minister Seamus O’Regan, as he claims “the world looks to us as an example” on emissions:

“Conservatives don’t get why we should lower emissions.

Here’s why.”

Emotional appeals to distract from reality

On issue after issue, we see the Liberals make emotional appeals. O’Regan is trying to make people feel that Canada leads the world as an ‘example’ to other countries on, despite there being no evidence to back that up.

You’ll note that he doesn’t actually cite any facts – like a comparison between Canada and China’s emissions.

And that is no oversight on his part.

The Liberals know that if they start talking about the facts, if they acknowledge reality, Canadians will start wondering why we are being held back economically when it has no impact on the planet. Why are we suffering for absolutely nothing?

And those are the kinds of questions that would cause many people to vote for the Conservatives, given the Conservative pledge to scrap the carbon tax.

With their policies having objectively failed, the Liberals want Canadians to feel, rather than think.

Spencer Fernando

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