WATCH: Poilievre Demolishes Far-Left Reporter On Crime

“Are you serious?” A reporter tried blaming ‘society’ for repeat violent offenders. Poilievre was having none of it.

Pierre Poilievre won the leadership of the Conservative Party in large part because he pushes back against the narratives of far-left members of the press.

For years, much of the media has been pushing a radical-left agenda that is completely out of step with what most Canadians think, but because there was so little pushback that agenda has become dominant.

People would watch the news, see crazy things being said, but then see nobody pushback against it, and would thus believe that it must be what everyone else thought. So, they went along with it.

We saw the media try to do that during the Freedom Convoy, when they attempted to make one or two extreme people seem representative of the entire movement. Poilievre pushed back against that at the time, noting that the vast majority of participants were law-abiding Canadians who were standing up for their rights and freedoms, while noting that individuals should be held accountable for their actions.

That willingness to pushback has served Poilievre well since becoming CPC leader, with the Conservatives showing strength in the polls, raising tons of money, and putting the Liberals on the defensive on a myriad of issues.

Still, elements of the media are trying their old playbook. But they don’t realize the game has changed. With crime surging, Poilievre has been slamming Liberal soft-on-crime policies that have made Canada more dangerous.

A reporter tried to argue with Poilievre, yet only ended up making a fool of himself when Poilievre showed a far greater command of the facts.

The reporter tried to blame ‘society’ for repeat violent offenders, but Poilievre wouldn’t stand for it. Below, watch as a reporter gets demolished by the CPC leader:

“This is both painful and hilarious to listen to. A reporter who clearly doesn’t know what they’re asking about but is nonetheless trying to outargue Pierre Poilievre.”

This is what Canada needs more of. The collectivist, anti-individual responsibility of much of the media and politicians like Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and Rachel Notley is deeply destructive to our country because it takes responsibility away from those who actually commit crimes, and puts on the amorphous ‘mass’ of society. And as we know, if ‘everyone’ is responsible, then no one is responsible.

Poilievre’s advocacy for personal responsibility and holding criminals accountable is exactly what is needed to get surging crime under control and start bringing safety back to our streets.

Spencer Fernando

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