WATCH: Chrystia Freeland Thinks You Have No Right To Know How Much Canada Is Spending To Service Our Debt

“Let me just say” followed by a bunch of meaningless BS.

As you know, the government creates nothing.

It only takes.

The government wouldn’t have any money if Canadians didn’t first earn that money.

And that goes for the government sector as well. Without the private sector generating profits, the government wouldn’t have any money to spend on the public sector.

Understanding this fundamental relationship between the government and Canadians should be the baseline of what we expect from a finance minister.

And along with that understand should be an acknowledgment that our tax dollars should be spent as efficiently as possible, and that Canadians have a right to know the consequences of what the government is doing with our money.

Consider that as you watch the following clip of finance minister Chrystia Freeland repeatedly refusing to tell Canadians how much it will cost us to service the debt this year:

“In finance committee today, CPC MP @adamchamb asks Min. Freeland how much it will cost to service the debt.

She doesn’t directly answer and says “I really am opposed to fiscal fear-mongering by the conservatives.””

Ironically, by admitting that a basic question about the debt is “fear-mongering,” Freeland is revealing that there is something to be afraid of.

Who is the Master & who is the Servant?

With her response – or lack thereof – Freeland makes it clear that she thinks our taxpayer dollars belong to her and the government. She doesn’t think the government is supposed to serve us, rather she thinks we are supposed to serve the government.

In effect, Freeland is arguing that the government has the right to take our money without telling us the consequences that result from how they spend it.

Undermining our country

The arrogant, control-obsessed attitude exemplified by Freeland and by politicians like Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh is undermining our country. They seek to erode and ultimately extinguish the values of self reliance and personal responsibility. They want everyone to be dependent on the government, so that individual initiative and the entrepreneurial drive are stifled and replaced by centrally-controlled government action. And they want to attack freedom of expression so we can’t fight back.

With Canadians already struggling under some of the highest household debt levels in the world, the high-tax, high-spending, high-debt agenda pushed by Freeland and others is something we literally cannot afford. And their contempt for Canadians makes it obvious that only their total political defeat will put a stop to that agenda.

Spencer Fernando

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