JOHNSTON BETRAYS THE NATION: ‘Special Rapporteur’ David Johnston Chooses To Do Trudeau’s Bidding By Recommending Against A Public Inquiry Into China’s Election Interference

The cover-up is on. The nation is in peril.

Justin Trudeau’s Special Rapporteur David Johnston has betrayed the nation.

Johnston – a known fan of Communist China – has recommend against a national public inquiry, claiming that the information he learned couldn’t be shared publicly.

Instead, Johnston is putting the Trudeau government fully back in control.

Let’s make it abundantly clear:

A majority of Canadians want an inquiry. A majority of MPs voted for an inquiry. Experts have been calling for an inquiry.

And yet, Johnston chose to do Trudeau’s bidding instead of doing what is best for the nation.

This is a massive betrayal. And it signals that our nation is in serious peril. This is exactly what you would expect to see if our nation was highly compromised by Communist China.

China wins, Canada loses

Johnston didn’t even focus on China during his press conference, spending more time critiquing media coverage instead. He echoed Liberal talking points about the media reporting on Chinese interference being incorrect or based on incomplete information.

This is a massive win for China.

China’s interference efforts will now continue, and likely even be heightened, since they have learned they can get away with it. They know they have friends like Trudeau & Johnston throughout the Canadian power structure, friends willing to ignore the majority of Canadians and the majority of MPs in order to ensure there is no real investigation of what China is doing.

Of course, this is a massive loss for Canada.

Our rights and freedoms are under attack by a ruthless collectivist communist state that disdains freedom and opposes individual rights. And that attack is now being tacitly aided and abetted by our own federal government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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