WATCH: Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper Endorses Danielle Smith And The United Conservative Party

Endorsement from Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper follows Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s endorsement of Smith & the UCP. This gives Danielle Smith strong momentum as the election heads into the final days.

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has endorsed Danielle Smith and the United Conservative Party at a crucial moment.

“There’s only one option to protect the economic livelihoods of you and your family. That’s Danielle Smith and the United Conservative Party.” – @stephenharper”

With voters making their final decisions over the weekend, Harper’s endorsement of Smith significantly boosts her momentum, as it follows a day after Pierre Poilievre endorsed Smith & the UCP.

Poilievre is by far the most popular federal leader in Alberta, and Harper is highly respected in Alberta.

A tough day for the NDP

This is a tough day for the NDP. Their campaign has been centered around pretending federal politics don’t exist, distancing Rachel Notley from Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau, and attempting to separate Smith & the UCP from the Conservative Party in the minds of Albertans.

The NDP had little choice but to use that strategy, because the anti-West, anti-oil & gas agenda being pushed by Singh and Trudeau is massively unpopular in Alberta, and Notley had to pretend to be opposed to that agenda. However, with many NDP candidates in Alberta being revealed to be open Communists, the true radicalism of that party has been made more clear as the election has gone on.

And now, with two very popular federal Conservatives endorsing Smith, Notley’s distancing efforts have been dealt a serious blow.

Further, Notley set herself up for the kind of criticism she’s getting from Harper & Poilievre. By proposing a massive 38% increase on business taxes, Notley confirmed the high-tax, anti-growth agenda of her socialist party.

The choice is now abundantly clear for Albertans: The socialist NDP backed by Singh/Trudeau, or the Conservative UCP backed by Harper & Poilievre.

Spencer Fernando

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