Pierre Poilievre Fights Back, And That’s What His Supporters Admire

The Conservative Leader refuses to go along with the idea that the Liberals are allowed to attack Conservatives but Conservatives can never attack back.

It’s the Question Period moment that had everyone talking: Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre firing back at Justin Trudeau by musing about why the PM left a teaching position mid-semester.


Poilievre’s remark set off the usual round of wailing and whining about how it was ‘too mean’ and a bunch of other complaints, but those complaints miss the real importance of what took place.

For a long-time, Canadian politics has operated under a set of unspoken rules that benefit the Liberals to the detriment of the Conservatives.

One of those rules is that Liberals are allowed to say whatever they want about Conservatives, but Conservatives aren’t allowed to fight back.

Liberals can call Conservatives ‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ homophobes’, ‘far-right,’ ‘extremist,’ and a bunch of other things and the media acts like it’s no big deal.

But the moment a Conservative fires back, mass outrage ensues.

Of course, the outrage isn’t genuine. It’s calculated. It’s meant to put limits on what Conservatives can say, put them back on the defensive, and reinforce the norm in which Liberals can say what they want and Conservatives just have to politely take it.

Well, Pierre Poilievre is refusing to play that game.

The rise of social media and independent outlets like Yours Truly have made it possible for the Liberals to be challenged in much more aggressive ways. It turns out that there are many Canadians who want to see a real political debate in this country – even if that debate is often harsh and brutal. Most of all, many Canadians rightfully expect that if the Liberals are going to dish out endless attacks against Conservative Canadians, then Conservative Canadians get to respond with attacks of their own.

What Poilievre has repeatedly done is refuse not only to play the Liberal game, but also refuse to give in to the outrage. He realizes that the outrage is performative and disingenuous, and that it loses power when it is dismissed.

This is one of the reasons Poilievre is the CPC Leader in the first place. His supporters admire the fact that he actually fights back, because when Poilievre fights back against the Liberals he’s also sending a clear signal that he will fight for the policies and priorities he promotes.

The Liberals may not like it, but Canadian politics has changed. The dangerous and radical Liberal agenda, an agenda based on making Canada more and more into an authoritarian socialist state, destroying our energy sector, dividing people into tribes, repressing those with the most talent, leeching off the most productive, and prioritizing victimhood and criminality above achievement and intelligence, is an agenda that must be exposed and challenged.

Poilievre’s willingness to launch harsh attacks at Trudeau and the Liberals demonstrates that he has the strength to sustain that challenge to the Liberal agenda

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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