Lack Of Equipment For Canadian Troops Signifies Deeper Decline Of Canada As A Nation

Demonizing Canadian history, elevating weakness and victimhood, and an obsession with ‘inclusivity’ above all else has left our nation bereft of national spirit, and unwilling to muster any kind of decent military force.

Some civilizations are superior to others. This is something few are willing to say, yet almost everyone understands it to be true. There’s a reason people flee from horribly backwards dictatorships and want to live in free capitalist nations. It’s not because those free capitalist nations are perfect, but it’s because living in a country with some basic property rights, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the right to vote beats living in a nation that lacks those things.

Given that much of the world remains mired in backwardness, you would think we would have some appreciation for those who built up Western Civilization and ensured the survival of the ideals that helped our country to thrive.

But instead, those ideals and even Western Civilization itself are under relentless attack, both from within and from without. From without, the usual suspects like China and Russia want to weaken the West so they can impose their authoritarian systems on a larger and larger segment of humanity.

From within, what we consider ‘woke’ is in many ways a manifestation of a mindset that disdains strength, disdains achievement, and disdains the fact that different individuals have different capabilities and some will accumulate more wealth than others. ‘Wokeness’ is a revolt against human differences and a revolt against human freedom, yet it hides behind a veil of ‘compassion’ and ‘inclusivity.’

Of course, ‘inclusivity’ has become almost a state-religion at this point. Yet, more ‘inclusion’ isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing. It all depends what’s being included. The inclusion of something bad makes things worse, not better.

Including ideas that are antithetical to Western Civilization, and including people who want to bring down that civilization is incredibly dangerous, and we are seeing that danger manifest itself in many ways.

An entire generation is being told to see Canada and the entire Western world as nothing but ‘colonialism.’ This of course ignores the fact that the ‘colonialists’ were often far less brutal and oppressive than the ruling powers in the new lands they conquered, and the fact that immense levels of violence and economic backwardness made life horrendous for many people before the arrival of colonial powers. Additionally, it was the ‘colonial powers’ like the United Kingdom who did the most to bring an end to practices like slavery and who brought freedom to a wider and wider swath of humanity through the spread of the idea of individual freedom. This is almost never discussed, and it removes all possible nuance from the conversation.

Now, the danger in this is lack of nuance is that by demonizing our history and demonizing Western Civilization we are leaving a vacuum. And a vacuum is always filled with something. It can be filled by marxism, fascism, or something else, but it will always be filled.

A country is what it is because of its people

If Canadians turn against the values of Western Civilization, then Canada will not be a free country. A country is what it is because of the people who inhabit it, and if those people are repeatedly told to feel guilty about Canada’s history, or feel shame about wanting to be prosperous and powerful, then those people will be easily exploited by whatever ideology feeds into that imposed guilt and shame.

And as that process takes place, our country will become tired, lethargic, and unable to muster up any defense for ourselves in a dangerous world. If you’ve been told your country and history isn’t worth defending, why would you defend it.

That brings us to this:

Canadian troops stationed in Latvia are having to buy their own helmets due to an equipment shortage.

And it’s not just helmets, Canadian troops are vastly underequipped compared to many of their counterparts – many of whom are ironically using Canadian equipment:

“Canadian troops in Latvia are grappling with more urgent equipment shortages as well. The battlegroup of roughly 1,500 soldiers, including more than 700 Canadians, lacks modern anti-tank weapons, systems to counter drones and a dedicated short-range air defence system to guard against helicopters and attack jets.

Those frustrations have only been compounded by the arrival of more allied troops — among them Danish soldiers who are in some cases arriving with Canadian-purchased gear that makes them better equipped than Canadian soldiers.

“In general, it was concerning verging on embarrassing to see the differences in issued soldier equipment between us and the Danes,” said Lt.-Col. Jesse van Eijk, the Canadian battle group commander in Latvia, in a May 12, 2023 email obtained by CBC News.

“This was only exacerbated by the fact they were carrying more advanced Canadian-made Colt Canada rifles, mounting more advanced Canadian Elcan DR sights, and the fact that most of the systems our soldiers lacked were easily available on the open market and not some sort of closely guarded technology.””

The connection between demonizing our history and defending our country

No country should be deluded about their history. To pretend that Canada never did anything wrong would be absurd. However, it’s just as dangerous to pretend that we are built on the wrong foundation, because that leads to undermining everything else, and destroying the will of the population to take actions in our own interests.

Consider that our country has been running massive budget deficits and spending unprecedented amounts of money, yet we repeatedly hear stories of the Canadian Armed Forces lacking even the most basic items.

The government – and much of the populace unfortunately – simply don’t care about the military. They don’t see it as important, they don’t think it’s necessary, and they don’t care when our troops are sent into potential danger with substandard equipment (one of the most immoral and disgraceful things a government can do).

Sadly, this is what you would expect to see in a country that has so thoroughly demonized itself, and it leaves us horribly unprepared for a world that is becoming a more dangerous place.

Confidence must be restored

If we want to protect our country and begin to thrive again, we must restore confidence in Western Civilization and the values upon which Canada is built. People should be encourage to admire strength, admire achievement, admire growth, and admire freedom, rather than being loaded up with an endless burden of guilt and shame.

Spencer Fernando


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