The Liberal Carbon Tax Won’t Stop Wildfires. But It Will Make You Poorer.

Notice how the government claims addressing the climate is a ‘global’ problem and then proceeds to ignore Canada’s miniscule contribution to global emissions?

In 2005, Canada’s share of global emissions was 1.8%. By 2019, our share had declined to 1.5%. Most of that decline took place under a Conservative government and without a carbon tax.

Even the government of Canada admits on their website that our share of global emissions is set to decline due to rising emissions elsewhere:

“Like that of other economically developed countries, Canada’s share is anticipated to continue to decline due to the expected rapid increase in emissions from economically developing and emerging countries, particularly China (+71.7% from 2005 to 2019), India (+71.3%), Brazil (+16.2%), and Indonesia (+37.9%).”

I want you to really keep that in mind, because it tells you something very important. The Canadian government knows that anything Canada does in terms of emissions will be cancelled out many times over by growth in other nations. They know that Canada and other wealthy countries are already on a downward path when it comes to emissions, without the imposition of carbon taxes and without deliberately lowering our standard of living.

They know this, because it’s simply how human societies work. Canada went through the shift from an agrarian economy to a largely industrial economy, and that is when emissions rise the most. Since becoming industrialized, we have shifted to more of an information economy built on top of an industrial economy. That shift generally leads to stable/lower emissions, as more of the economy is digitized and intangible.

Some parts of China are still making the agrarian to industrialization shift, while other parts are moving into the information economy phase.

India and Indonesia are industrializing rapidly.

Thus, countries with massive populations are going to be increasing their emissions for quite a while, and there’s no way around this.

There is a clear conclusion from this: Imposing a carbon tax on Canadians can’t impact the climate. It can only make Canadians poorer.

Knowing this, the Liberals are forced to hide from reality and instead push their carbon tax based on fear and misinformation.

Watch the clip below, and you can see how Justin Trudeau is trying to make Canadians think that the carbon tax will somehow stop forest fires:

Why increase immigration?

The Liberal position on the carbon tax is completely incoherent. Their effort to link it forest fires proves that, because imposing a tax on Canadians doesn’t change the global climate. You can’t change the weather in Canada by imposing a carbon tax.

Further, if the Liberals really cared about cutting emissions, why are they pushing for massive immigration increases?

They are encouraging people to come from warm-weather countries and live in Canada, where those individuals will – because of our cold weather – use more emissions on a per person basis. Canada is also richer than the average country, so moving a bunch of people from poorer countries to richer countries will have a small upward impact on emissions.

It makes no sense for the Liberals to impose a carbon tax on the one hand, and bring a ton of people into the country on the other.

Or, it makes no sense if we are assuming the Liberals are being honest about their intentions. They’ve long since proved that to be wishful thinking. So, in a disturbing way, the carbon tax and massive immigration increases make perfect sense if you realize that the Liberals are deliberately reducing our standard of living in order to make us all more dependent on the state and more beholden to government power. A nation of desperate, beaten-down submissive people all crammed together is easier to control than a nation of spread out, independent, confident, and prosperous individuals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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