Eco-Socialism: Dangerous Liberal-NDP Gaslighting On Wildfires Could Lead To Even More Damage To Canada’s Economy & The Weakening Of Our National Security

Will Canadians be manipulated into supporting anti-energy, high-tax policies that make us poorer?

As the Liberal-NDP Pact shifts in an ever-more extreme ideological direction, they are making sure not to let any crisis go to waste.

They have utilized the understandable concern over wildfires this year to push their eco-socialist agenda even more aggressively.

And now, even the Bloc Quebecois is getting involved.

The House of Commons just passed the following motion, with support from the Liberals, NDP, Bloc, and Greens:


This is the kind of rhetoric that is used to manipulate Canadians, while pursuing policies that weaken our nation.

To start with, attacking the oil & gas sector only hurts Canadians, while doing nothing for the environment. The Canadian oil & gas industry has better labour standards and better environmental standards than the oil & gas industry in any other country. The hard-working, innovative, and ambitious Canadians in the oil & gas sector have generated a massive amount of wealth that has helped drive our nation forward, and helped pay for countless schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and more across the land.

The eco-socialist agenda would ruin all of that, impoverishing Canadians, weaken our economy, and weakening our national security.

And the national security angle is important to focus on here. We are seeing the world get more and more dangerous, with hostile foreign powers like Russia and China attempting to reshape the global order in a way that would hurt the Western world and hurt the interests of countries like Canada.

If we weaken our energy sector and weaken our economy, we will be more dependent on resources from foreign nations, and we will reduce our ability to help our allies escape dependence on Russia – after all, look at Trudeau’s pathetic response when Germany and Japan came here asking for natural gas.

Furthermore, if we rapidly shift to electric vehicles, we will be dependent upon a supply chain that is heavily concentrated in Communist China, rather than powering internal combustion engine vehicles with Canadian gas.

Also, our country needs to be extracting and selling as much energy as possible, so we can be come as wealthy as possible and afford the military-build up that is long-overdue.

Emotional manipulation

Now, Canadians are understandably concerned by the wildfires this year. However, the eco-socialists are manipulating those concerns to try and impose a dangerous agenda.

According to the government’s own statistics, there has been no trend of increasing wildfires in Canada:

Chart showing Number of Fires and Area Burned by Year

As you can see, there is actually a slight downward trend.

Thus, to use one heightened wildfire season to push radical policies is based upon emotional manipulation, not facts.

Canadians need to fight back against this gaslighting. Our nation is being weakened by the eco-socialist agenda, and we won’t recover our strength and prosperity until that agenda is called out, challenged, and rejected.

Spencer Fernando


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