Justin Trudeau Will Be Cheering For Maxime Bernier In The Portage-Lisgar By-Election

Trudeau would love nothing more than to see Bernier succeed in his efforts to divide the Conservatives, at a time when Trudeau’s popularity is hitting new lows.

Let’s take an objective look at where the Conservative Party of Canada stands since Pierre Poilievre became party leader in 2022.

Fundraising is up – with the party raising record amounts.

Their poll numbers are up.

Trudeau’s poll numbers are down – with the Liberals consistently trailing the Conservatives in national public opinion polls.

And the party has addressed areas of concern for their party base, as the CPC now opposes covid-19 vaccine mandates, supports law-abiding gun owners, and opposes the Trudeau carbon tax.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau is under siege like never before. In addition to the aforementioned decline in their already-weak popular support, the Liberals are desperately trying to contain the China election interference scandal. Those containment efforts took a massive hit when Trudeau’s hand-picked ‘special rapporteur’ David Johnston stepped down.

In response, the Liberals have become even more unhinged in their attacks against Poilievre, and their desperation is showing.

At this point, there’s only one thing that could help boost Justin Trudeau’s declining political fortunes:

Maxime Bernier winning the Portage-Lisgar by-election.

If Bernier were to win, Trudeau would be the biggest beneficiary.

All the talk would be about ‘division among Conservatives,’ and the media would – along with the Liberals & NDP – gleefully exploit this.

Focus would shift away from China’s interference in our country, and instead be centered around Bernier and his attacks on the Conservatives – after all, Bernier spends way more time attacking the Conservatives than he does the Liberals.

As we’ve seen, Bernier will say anything to try and weaken the Poilievre-led Conservatives, as he once praised Poilievre and said Poilievre would be welcome in his party, only to now turn around and claim Poilievre is the same as Trudeau (something only someone who is completely ignorant or politically desperate could claim with a straight face).

For example, Bernier has repeatedly said he never attended the World Economic Forum conference in Davos, yet the evidence contradicts this:

And of course, the voters of Portage-Lisgar would lose out as well if Bernier won. At this point, the Conservatives have a great chance of forming government, meaning CPC candidate Branden Leslie could be an influential member of a future Conservative government.

By contrast, Bernier can’t form government. The most he can hope for is to weaken the Conservatives enough to keep Trudeau in office, meaning the people of Portage-Lisgar would remain on the outside looking in, rather than having their views and concerns heard in the halls of power by people who could actually take real action.

Trudeau wins, Canada loses

If the Conservatives win the Portage-Lisgar by-election, attention will quickly shift back to Justin Trudeau’s political weakness and his attempts to cover-up China’s interference in our nation. And with Trudeau doing so much damage to the nation, a decline in his political fortunes is good news for the country.

But if Bernier wins, then Trudeau also wins, because the Conservatives will be weakened and attention will shift elsewhere. Thus, a win for Bernier is a win for Trudeau, and a win for Trudeau is a loss for Canada.

With all of this in mind, the people of Portage-Lisgar have a very important decision to make. Every vote for Maxime Bernier is a vote to boost Justin Trudeau’s political fortunes, and that’s the last thing Canada can afford right now.

Spencer Fernando