WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Slams Marco Mendicino’s Litany Of Lies, Calls For Him To Step Down

Mendicino may be the most dishonest cabinet minister in the Trudeau government, which is quite an accomplishment.

Let’s take a look at Marco Mendicino’s lies:

He lied about police calling for the Emergencies Act.

He lied about the Liberal government’s legislation that would ban hunting rifles.

He lied about Roxham Road.

He lied about court documents.

He lied about the Safe Third Country Agreement.

He lied about CSIS supposedly not sending information on the threats against MP Michael Chong to the PM’s national security advisor.

And of course, he lied when he pretended to be shocked that Paul Bernardo was being sent to a medium security prison, despite having known about it for months.

Quite an accomplishment

Mendicino has managed something quite amazing: He is likely the most dishonest member of the Trudeau cabinet, and that’s saying a lot.

Mendicino fills another important role, which is to make Justin Trudeau look competent by comparison. Again, that is quite a difficult feat to pull off.

But Mendicino does it, as he demonstrates either dishonesty or incompetence over and over again. At this point, the best case scenario for Mendicino is that he is simply so incompetent that he has no idea what’s going on. Yet, if that is the case – and that’s being very generous – then he really shouldn’t be in any position of power whatsoever.

That’s the argument being put forth by many Canadians who are fed up with Mendicino, and it’s what Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is calling for.

Today, Poilievre outlined Mendicino’s litany of lies, and called for him to step down. It was quite an effective takedown of an ineffective minister, and you can watch it below:

Spencer Fernando

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