POLL: Conservatives Lead Liberals By 12 Points Nationwide

Unable to address the consequences of their own policies, the Liberals have been reduced to increasingly desperate attacks against the Conservatives. Those attacks aren’t working.

According to a new Abacus Data survey, the Conservative lead in the polls has now expanded to 12 points nationwide.


If an election were held today, the Conservatives would win 38% of the popular vote, with the Liberals have dropped down to just 26%.

The NDP would win 19%.

The Greens and PPC would both win 4%.

Conservative gain, Liberal loss

Looking at these numbers, the Liberals have to be deeply concerned.

Had their own numbers declined while the Conservatives remained stable, they could console themselves by thinking that their only issue was having to win back disgruntled left-wing voters.

Alternatively, had the Liberals remained stable while the Conservatives surged, the Liberals could at least know their base was stable and focus on heightened attacks on the Opposition to try and bring down the CPC numbers.

But what’s happening now is that the Conservatives are surging while the Liberals decline. This represents the fact that a crucial portion of swing voters are shifting away from the Liberals and towards the Conservatives.

While the Conservatives have led in the polls for months, their lead in the past month or so has increased substantially. This has occurred amid a growing consensus that Liberal policies over the past eight years have failed.

Canada is becoming poorer, crime is rising, housing is unaffordable, immigration surges are straining social services, and taxes are driving up the cost-of-living.

Each of those problems have been made worse by deliberate Liberal policy choices.

Combined this with the Conservatives having an effective communicator as their leader, and the Liberals are becoming progressively weaker.

After all, just look at the kind of content the Conservatives have been producing lately. In one of Poilievre’s recent videos, he manages to empathize with people’s concerns over housing prices, point out how those prices have surged over the Liberals, propose a few policy solutions, and then make a personal connection by walking to his childhood home, all in just 30 seconds:

Contrast that to the much-hyped ‘Liberal retreat’ which ended with the government bring forth precisely zero new ideas on housing.

A ‘retreat’ indeed.

Desperation has set in

To try and remedy their moribund public standing, the Liberals have launched increasingly desperate attacks against the Conservatives, including their attempt last week to link Conservative opposition to the carbon tax to wildfires in B.C. and the Northwest Territories.

So far, the polls indicate those attacks aren’t working.

Voters can often sense when a political party is desperate and that desperation can turn people off even more. Watching the Liberals try and exploit tragic wildfires for political gain will certainly seem ethically wrong and dishonest to many Canadians.

The deeper problem faced by the Liberals is that things in the country are simply bad right now. No amount of spin can stop people from noticing what’s happening all around us, and after having been in power for eight years the Liberals cannot avoid taking the blame for the impact of their failed policy agenda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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