Jagmeet Singh Claims The Liberals – The Party He Is Propping Up In Parliament At This Very Moment – Favour The “Ultra Wealthy”

Is he even trying at this point?

For those of us wondering how artificial intelligence will impact the world of politics, we are getting a preview here in Canada.

Not actually of course, but no politician seems more like an ongoing series of AI prompts than NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

What he says seems to have zero connection to reality or even his own actions.

Consider the following post he made on ‘X’:

“Everywhere you look, working people are rising up.

For years, the Liberals and Conservatives have built a system that favours the ultra-wealthy.

Now, working people are fighting back.

Together, we have the power to take on corporate greed.”

Singh hits the usual points, blaming the Liberals & the Conservatives, talking about “corporate greed,” people “fighting back,” etc…

Yet, his post makes zero sense given that he is propping the Liberals up in Parliament at this very moment.

If Singh really thinks the Liberals work for the “ultra-wealthy,” then – since he works for the Liberals – he also must be working for the “ultra-wealthy.”

It’s just basic common-sense.

The Liberals have been granted a de facto majority because of Singh’s decision to sign a Pact with the Liberals that keeps them in power until 2025.

The Liberals have been freed from the pressure of having to reach out to different parties, as they know the NDP will simply give in when the pressure is on.

Singh has repeatedly destroyed his own negotiating position before negotiations even began. For example, he demanded the Liberals call in an inquiry into China’s interference in our democracy, only to immediately follow up that demand by stating he wouldn’t force an election over it. That made it clear to the Liberals that they could get away with endlessly delaying an inquiry – which is exactly what they have done.

Is he even trying?

Even more astounding than Singh’s hypocrisy is the laziness of his political effort. I don’t mean this from a physical perspective, as Singh appears to be attending many events and speaks regularly with the media.

Rather, what stands out is the intellectual laziness.

Singh appears to have given precisely zero thought to make any kind of coherent political appeal or trying to at least somewhat square the circle of his decision to keep the Liberals in power while constantly denouncing what the Liberals do with that power.

Singh has simply decided that he will campaign as he if opposes the Liberals while supporting them in Parliament, and just wish away the contradictory nature of it all.

The NDP more broadly is also putting very little effort into their arguments. As noted by Darshan Maharaja, Singh and the NDP seem unable to even read a graph:

“According to the graph, home prices rose by 50% in the 5 years immediately be4 ‘Poilievre was in government’.

We had a Liberal govt during those 5 years.

In the 9 yrs when ‘Poilievre was in government’ the increase was 33%.

Among his other failures, Jagmeet can’t read a graph.”

NDP MP Peter Julian even shared an edited photo meant to make it seem that Trudeau and Poilievre are on the same side:

“Together these two parties in last 15 years:

Provided Canada’s Big Banks with over $866 Billion! in liquidity supports to socialize any risk & massively increase profits.

Have allowed up to $450 Billion (PBO) in tax dollars to go to overseas tax havens.

Time for change.”

It is difficult to fully comprehend the incoherence and hypocrisy of Julian’s post.

The NDP is literally keeping the Liberals in power, voting with the Liberals over and over again and making clear that the Liberals don’t have to fear an early election.

The NDP is propping up the same Liberal policies they claim to denounce.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are the only major party offering any actual prospect of change.

The Poilievre-Conservatives are proposing lower taxes, the elimination of the carbon tax, spending restraint, a focus on criminals rather than law abiding gun owners, tougher prison sentences, and more pro-energy sector policies.

The Liberals and the NDP oppose all of that.

Running out of ideas and support

The incoherence and hypocrisy of NDP messaging is being reflected in the polls. Usually, the NDP surges when the Liberals drop substantially, but this time nearly all lost Liberal support is going to the Conservatives.

The Conservatives are also showing strength with Canadians who are members of a union and with young Canadians, two traditional support bases for the NDP. This is because Pierre Poilievre has put forth a coherent message. He links high level economic and monetary concepts to the everyday challenges people face, and offers an intellectually-consistent set of policies to respond to those challenges.

As Canadians look for an alternative to the obvious failure of the Liberal government, they are seeing the Conservatives as that alternative, rather than the NDP.

And the more Jagmeet Singh insists upon pretending to oppose the Liberals even as he keeps them in power, the more people are likely to dismiss his party from the outset.

Spencer Fernando

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