The Free World Must Stand With Israel

There is simply no moral equivalence between Israel – a democratic state – and the ruthless Hamas terrorists who are deliberately massacring innocent Israeli Citizens. The free world must stand 100% behind Israel and behind the Jewish community here at home, and also recognize that democratic nations are in a long-term battle against anti-freedom regimes in Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea.

“Never again.”

In the West, those words are supposed to mean something.

Those words are supposed to mean we’ve learned the horrific lessons of the past, and through those lessons have realized the importance of ensuring there is never another Holocaust, and ensuring that anti-democratic authoritarian regimes are never able to butcher those who yearn for freedom and human rights.

But those words are empty unless backed up by actions.

Key among those actions is to recognize that Israel – a democratic country that is the only country with a Jewish majority – must be defended from the brutal terrorist groups and ruthless regimes that seek to destroy it.

That means providing Israel with military aid, and confronting regimes like Iran that repeatedly threaten Israel’s existence.

It also means confronting anti-Semitism here at home, and recognizing the ways in which that anti-Semitism disguises itself. For example, many supposedly ‘pro-peace’ groups or ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups regularly indulge in rhetoric that would – if followed to its conclusion – result in the destruction of Israel and another Holocaust.

And this is not hyperbole. If Israel were to be destroyed, as Iran and Iran-backed Hamas terrorists repeatedly call for, it would mean the deaths of millions of Jewish People. It would demonstrate that the free world has learned absolutely nothing from World War Two.

Hamas’ evil attack against Israel

We have watched with horror as the Hamas terrorist organization commits horrendous crimes against innocent Israelis.

The barbaric actions of the Hamas terrorists are truly horrific (warning, graphic video):

Unsurprisingly, Iran is celebrating the horrific terror attacks on Israel:

Disgusting views on display in Canada

While most Canadians support Israel and recognize the importance of standing with the Jewish Community, there are some who chose instead to express absolutely disgusting viewpoints against Israel:

And, there is already a planned rally celebrating the horrific events taking place in Israel:

As Anthony Koch aptly put it in a post on ‘X’, those cheering on the attacks against Israel are more interested in death than in life:

All Canadians who believe in freedom, and who believe the words “Never Again” actually have meaning must speak out against the vile anti-Israel views – which are also anti-Semitic views, on display in this country.

We must stand with the Jewish Community and stand with Israel’s right to defend itself, and we must reject any attempt to draw a false equivalence between Israel – a democratic nation – and the vile terrorists who are attacking Israel.

The New Axis

We must also recognize that the free nations of the world are facing a new Axis comprised of Iran – the main sponsor of Hamas – Russia, China, and North Korea.

After all, Russia is already pushing for a ‘deal’ that would represent a huge win for Hamas and a loss for Israel. And Russia has been deepening their ties to the vile Hamas terror group for some time:

As I said on ‘X’, we don’t get to pick and choose which part of this new Axis we confront. We must confront it all. We must build up our military, we must increase support to countries like Israel and Ukraine that are fighting against barbaric attacks, we must deepen our partnerships with fellow allied nations, we must increase our military production capacity, we must invest more in military research and development, and we must begin rediscover our pride in the Western values of free speech, individual freedom, and freedom of religion.

We will either stand strong in our values, or the world will belong to those who hate everything the Western world stands for.

“The West must wake up. Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea are all hell-bent on causing chaos, massacring free people, and undermining free nations. There’s no picking and choosing which part of this new axis we confront. You can’t pretend to be against Iran or against China while also being pro-Russia. The new axis doesn’t make that distinction, and only useful idiots will do so going forward. There’s also no room for the naive ‘pro-peace’ attitude that only serves to empower authoritarian anti-freedom states.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter